Sir, I am married for 1 year. Ours is a love marriage. My husband likes my parents and they like him too. He enjoys talking to my family and spends enough time with them. My problem is that he sometimes plays very filthy jokes on my parents. I know he doesnt mean them but I am badly hurt whenever he does that. He does so for his parents too, which again hurts me. I think, parents are meant to be respected and not insulted or joked up on. He pays full respect to my parents in their presence but makes some gross sexual comments when he is in mood with me. When I confront him, he says its just humor and he enjoys talking dirty at times and that these are bedroom jokes. He says his previous girl friend used to enjoy such jokes and they both used to make fun of each-other’s parents and that she never made big deal of it unlike me. Do you think I blow the matter out of proportion when I get angry or shout at him when he passes such remarks on my parents? I never say anything bad to his parents. In fact, I am always taught that parents are equal to God. Sometimes, I feel like divorcing him because it gives me a lot of pain to see that I am in love with a man who makes jokes on parents. Be it his or mine. Out of all the things in the world, he chooses parents to create bedroom jokes! plz suggest.

Giving respect to someone (as a part of social customs) and having respect for someone (from inner core of your heart) is different. Respect for the parents is a learned behaviour. You learn it from your parents, just by observing them treating their parents. So cracking jokes on them has different meaning for both of you. For you it is sensitive issue and for him it is just a fun! Previous girl friend might be enjoying such jokes, as her upbringing, value system and like-dislike must be different then you. It does not mean that you should also enjoy it. 
Make him very clear that he is hurting you by this habit and you really mean it. Convey him clearly that it is serious issue for you and you want him to stop that. Give him some time to improve; any sensible man would surely improve.