If he agrees to come then you should consider that he also feels that this is a problem, but if he does not agree then it is not a problem for him. In that case you need to find out if you wish to continue this relationship in the same given scenario. As the chances of him changing are very low as the friendship that you consider as problem that needs a solution, is not vital or problem for him.

Doctor, I have been married since 18 months. Ours was love marriage and our married life is going fine. Our sexual life is also going good. However, I have realized over past 1 month that my penis does not remain erect for long and thus we are not able to have normal intercourse. We start foreplay and my penis looses erection. Since last one month we have not had sex. Is it normal? Does it happen with every man after marriage? I am very tensed and worried. I don’t want to hinder my married life because I love my wife very much and she loves me too. I need help. Can you please give me some doctor’s contact number in Mumbai with whom I can discuss/ consult? Thanks

This is normal. Do not become anxious over your performance. Give more attention to foreplay then the act. Things should get normal within few days. You may consult any psychiatrist nearby.

Dear sir, my name is Anil and my age is 24 years. I have got my Semen Test done and the results is has follows total number of spermatozoa 0.3 millions per ml and sperms ejaculate 0.6 millions per ml. Is there any chance that it can come up to normal count i.e. total number of spermatozoa 20 millions per ml and sperms ejaculate 40 millions per ml. The doctor has advised me to take the following tablets for a month 1. Cloferrt 25mg and 2. Paternia tablets which I have taken. The tablets are for what reason??? Will it help me to increase the sperm counts? What are the chances of us becoming parents?? Or Are there no hope or chances that we might become parents??? Kindly suggests some tablets or exercise that might improve my Sperm counts. Kindly help. I am getting very nervous and also feeling ashamed. What is the reason for the low sperm count as I don’t drink nor smoke nor ride to much of cycles or neither the environment near me is to hot, but Yes I take lots of tension regarding my future or better job or for doing further studies and many others? I feel ashamed in front of my wife as all her reports are proper and I am the default person because of whom we are not becoming parents. Kindly Help .Whether I will become father or not?

Tension cannot be a reason for your low count. This could be natural low production. Clofert is to increase your sperm count. You have to take it for at least 6 to 9 months to get the result. There is nothing to ashamed about this. It is not in your hand and it is not an end for your chance of becoming father.

Hello doctor I am 58 and by profession am a lawyer. Actually, recently I fell in love with my client. She is 37. I don’t know how it happened. However, am physically attracted towards her. I cannot control myself for very long. What should I do? Should I ask her for a physical relationship once or is there any way out? Please help me

Though such types of desires are quiet common, you should not ask her for physical relationship. Because at 37 female would not look for physical fling but if she would, then she would look for emotional one. If she has an emotional fall for you then she may think of getting into it. Otherwise, you may loose your client and reputation, both. However if you wish, you can put foreword your wish smartly in disguise and see how she responds. I’m not touching the issue of morality as it is absolutely personal.

Dr. I am a 22 year old unmarried girl…actualy a student…right now i am going around with a guy. before this relationship I had 1 relationship and my new boyfriend is aware of it, and y i had broke off with that guy and he supported me a lot to forget him, last year we both started going around with each other, earlier he was very caring for me, v had good time without any fights for starting 5 months, but then suddenly things changed, v started having fights, i was not understanding him, he only said that he loves me a lot, and i am very beautiful etc etc…and he never committed to me as we are intercast as he cant go against his parents, i thought its just a starting of our relationship , may be later on we can decide about it so i did not break with him, we did sex also, now 1 year is over , and last week we had fight and he said that its not necessary to talk to you daily, i have no time for you, and we are not true love for each other……..now after week he is sorry for everything, and saying that his condition was terrible that time, now please suggest me…….should i continue with him and if i do then again it will be a time pass…….his parents looking for a girl for him…..and he has no objection….i really don’t know what he wants from me now………i am confused…..i love him madly………I supported him, some where i do admit my mistakes, and i have learnt a lot from my mistakes……..one thing is sure he just cant leave his parents, i am not saying to leave them but he is also not ready to accept me as we are intercast……..as a girl i am ready to convince my parents…….but he is not……..what does it mean…….now what should i do…….my studies effecting a lot….i feel so dull these days and depressed too…..i am not able to get that y he is not caring now, and i have no gutts to ask him anything…as i want to avoid fights…and i know these questions will lead to fights….and i don’t want to hurt him more………i am helpless…….

He has never committed and he does not mind seeing other girls for marriage, these two things imply that he is not meaning serious relationship with you. More over you surrender your body to a person that does not hold any commitment or sincere feelings. This must have taken away interest from the relation more. In other words, you have been taken for ride. Sooner you accept this fact better your self-respect will be preserved. Accept that this relation is not going to work out.

I have a daughter aged about 15 years, she is very good in study but she has a major problem. She always fights with her mother even she abuses her and slaps her .during time she uses to say absurd language. Although she needs her mother the most. Other wise she is very affectionate. In her childhood when she was 07 yrs she got same problem. She has a very good behavior in her school mate and other relatives. Please suggest me what to do.

Adolescence is an age of turmoil. Some aggressiveness and argumentativeness is common. This is more common with mother as she is interacting more then father or anyone else. Only two things which I consider abnormal here is slapping and using absurd language. This raises suspicion of developing psychosis. You should consult Psychiatrist near by.

Is it good to watch sex/porn movie with wife. She is not getting mood frequently. Will it bring any issues?

Most of the women do not like to watch porn movies. Even if they will watch then they will prefer soft porn (xx) movies with some romantic story line. Do not force her to see hard porn (xxx) which usually males would prefer. She may start loosing interest in sex.

I am 21 but I behave like a child and with whom so ever I get close that person says me that I have a child brain n I should visit a doctor. I have very poor memory and grasping power also due to which I had to leave my job. I also had a relation with a guy for 7yrs who doesn’t loves me. Which he says but he is with me for my mental support. Due to my possessive nature for him I disturb him regularly. For this, he hates me more and more. He doesn’t love me but I do and I can’t see him with any other girl. I am good for nothing. I am lazy, stubborn and can’t concentrate. I am not normal like other people and I take tension for matters, which I should not take. I take serious things casually. Every person says that he wants wife opposite to me. I am very bad. I can’t keep anyone happy. I want to keep others happy and want to do job, want to have qualities. Everyone who talks to me say I am laloo. Please guide me. For everyone I am a headache. I want to get rid from these problems, want to do some thing great and different. Moreover, want to show people I am not laloo.

Your problem is of mental dullness. Mental dullness has many reasons, like intellectual deficit, personality related issues, hormonal problems, depression etc. I will suggest you to consult a psychiatrist to reach at the root of the problem and way out.

Dear Sir I want to be a relationship consultant? Can you please update me about this? How can I contribute you?

You have to do PHD. in psychology  or MD in psychiatry and then you need to take a specialized training in relationship management.

sir, I’m 24 yr girl. I had sex with my bf before marriage and because of that I’m feeling very guilty. I don’t know how well our relation will go? I m afraid whether if I got married to some one else than what that guy will feel about me? Whether he will come to know about my past? Whether he will accept me or not. Or should I tell that guy every thing very clearly….or should I hide this thing from him. Even though if I hide any thing from him then also he will come to know from my physic what should I do?

Having sexual relations before marriage reduces your chances to getting married to him. You may find it weird but it’s naked fact of the life. Males will always start loosing the interest in the relationship once sexual barrier is broken, more so when you are not married.
However, it seems that your major concern is about your future husband. It is never possible for him to find out that you had sexual relation in past from your physique. You should never disclose this fact to him; no men ever would be able to digest this fact. In one way or other it will keep on creating issues in your life. You may refer other answers in this site, many of them are relevant to your problem of diclosing the fact.