Hi Sir I am Radha, my husband doesn’t have interest. I want to share my feeling to him but he doesn’t have interest. He always spends time with computer, TV or his mother, I am getting depressed. I am a house wife.

I need more details about your personal life and issues to answer your question.

I and my bf have same nadi (Madhya) we are committed and want to marry but parents don’t agree due to nadi dosh. What is the science behind it and what can be done to overcome this problem? Our blood groups are compatible i.e. both of us are Rh positive (he is O+ and I am A+)

Faith in Horoscope goes with your belief system. Except Hindus no one believes in horoscope matching for marriage and still life is on for them. I have seen numbers of couple with Nadi Dosh having normal healthy kids and without Nadi Dosh having no kids. It has no connection with medical science. You have to convince them by citing such examples.

Respected Sir, I was having a boy friend and we want to get married but my dad did not allow us. So I broke up with him. Now he is so much upset even I am worried about him, but cannot help him in any way. So what should I do to make him feel normal like before? As he can’t believe that I left him alone at the last moment.

It might be disappointing but there is nothing that you should do to help him. As in this situation if you try to help him both of you will become emotionally dependent on each other and then to end this relation will be although more difficult. I am sure time will heal his pain, and your absence will fasten that process.

Hi, I am married from last 2 years. I had a love marriage and just blessed with a daughter. Soon after my delivery my husband started behaving so differently, when I tried to ask him, he always said give me some times everything will be fine soon. But now he said he had lost every interest from the family. He doesn’t need anyone in the family and want to stay alone. I am trying to know the reason but he says that it is his problem nothing happened and no one is responsible. I tried to counsel him a lot but failed. Can any psychiatrist solve this problem or can understand his problem.

Is he happy with a female child? This could be one possible reason for his disinterest. Usually when men are in problem, they wish to be left alone so if he is insisting to be left alone then give him some time. Psychiatrist can definitely help, provided he is ready to go to him.

Hi doctor, I am from Kanpur. I am married but my husband loves to have an intercourse for 1 hr, so he used to take vigora-50 but now days he is not even able to put his penis in my vagina. He is so weak. Now I am not getting any satisfaction from him. So I start liking his younger brother Atif. He is young 27 years and has a big 8 ” penis but he is not ready to wear condom. So I am worried. May be he will make me pregnant. He is so hard that he makes my vagina bleeding and I am unable to move. What I should do, shall I continue?

Certainly, chances of becoming pregnant in such condition are almost 100%. You have to adopt one of the contraceptive methods like oral pills, copper-T, post-coital pills etc or compel him to wear condom. If he is doing violently then it means he does not have feelings for you and taking you as a sex object to fulfill his desire. Such relationship will leave you in pain and remorse in future. Better, leave him and convince your husband to take the treatment for his sexual inadequacies. Take him to Psychiatrist nearby.

I dialed a wrong no. A girl picks up d phone, I asked her “is Sharon there?” she said no, and then I impressed her with my 99-1% theory of boys, that 99% of boys are like this and all that stuff. In addition, she told me to call after an hour. We talked further and the same night she confessed love. “GENUINELY”. For a week, we flocked together until we split. {No sex}.exactly 5 days later my friend called her. Moreover, she again confessed love to him “genuinely”.Now it has been a year that they are into a relationship and love each other. now my questions to u r.. 1. WAS HER LOVE GENUINE. 2. COULD YOU EXPLAIN THIS PSYCHE OF WOMEN?

It is her psyche not a psyche of women. All women will not do like this.
Genuineness of her love is difficult to judge from this short description. Committing to another person within 5 days of separation is something against genuineness.   

Hello Sir. I have a girlfriend who is 6 years elder to me. She is a very nice person but I always wanted a beautiful wife. I am in this relation since 3 years but still I am not able to convince myself to commit for marriage. I do get attracted to beautiful women and fear that may not be happy if I marry her, as I always wanted a beautiful wife. Please help me to come to a conclusion.

If you are longing for a beautiful woman and she is not fitting in that frame then do not go ahead with her. Moreover, she is 6 yrs elder to you so she would be aging early then you and that can also cause beauty issues in future!

How to solve sexual problems with my husband , specially that sometimes I feel that our sexual life doesn’t make difference to him cause he is always opening sexual sites through the internet and leaving me alone although I know that he loves me and am beautiful.

From your very short description what I guess is, he might be having voyeurism. It is one kind of sexual deviation in which person get sexual pleasure by viewing erotic pictures, movies etc. Sexual sites are full of such materials. All males like to see such pictures and movies to some extent. However, they do not avoid actual act. As he is avoiding actual act (even though you are beautiful and he loves you) he requires treatment, if he agrees.

Respected sir, I am 27 yrs old male. I am very introvert, shy, submissive, pessimistic and low in confidence. However, very hardworking, strong will power, Good looking, sacrificing & fair by heart and passionate about my career. I belong to lower middle class Haryanvi family. My English was very poor but anyhow, by hard work & will power I improved it in last 5-6 yrs. Now I am associated with one of biggest MNC for last 3 yrs. where I am struggling with inferiority complex as my all colleagues are rich & belong to Punjabi culture and they talk about the advice things & some of them know good English also. I always keep on thinking what they would be thinking about me (Inferior, backward, arrogant, egoistic, just shy & normal…) as I am not so rich, advance & always keep mum. They speak freely with anyone (including other colleagues, bosses) and in group, huddle but I never speaks in huddle due to my before mentioned nature. They tried to speak & be friendly with me also but I never responded positively, ignored them & kept quite. Please advice what should I do to overcome my aforementioned nature & problem and how to boost my confidence since it is mandate to grow in life.

First of all, start responding them positively once they try to be friendly with you. You cannot change your socio-economic class immediately so accept it as a part of reality. English, anyway you can improve.

Is there any possibility of pregnancy just by putting penis on vegina or just by pushing that a bit inside the vagina on the 6-7 day of menstrual cycle?

No, 10 days following menstrual cycle is safe period.