I am in relationship with a boy since 5 yrs. We love each other a lot and are happy together. But in matter of sex he is quite selfish. Initially he had a lot of passion towards me but now he says that boys need variety and can’t stay satisfied by having sex with a single girl. I accepted that and said he could satisfy himself as he wants as long as our relation does not get affected. But since few months he does not feel like having sex with me. He initiates it very rarely and doesn’t always support when I try to start. Presently he does not have any other affair outside. What shall I do? I don’t want to spoil this relationship because of sex, I don’t want to cheat on him, but I feel really frustrated and worried about my future life.

Relationship is all about morality and faithfulness. He is neither moralistic nor faithful in your relationship. You should end such relationship.

I am really embarrassed to ask you such kind question; I love a girl & we have been in a relation for more than three years but recently I just came to know about her past. She only told me everything & I am glad for her honesty but the thing which she told me is shocking. When she was around 7 or 8 year old at that time she was sexually abused by her three cousins & that to complete sex & this continued for complete three years continuously now around 14 years have been passed but I wanted to ask a few questions regarding on the same. Also recently she was suffering with some stomach problem & after observing under medical treatment doctor said it may because of TB and she has taken one year medication course. Now she is better than before but sometime still she face stomach problem. 1. I want to ask you is this problem occurred because of childhood mistake. 2. What is your opinion regarding on the same issue? 3. There would be any health problem which she may suffer now or in future? 4. In above given case, what kind of problem person may face in life physically & mentally? Kindly reply me sir as I love her so much & if possible then I want to marry her. I am sad to hear these things, please reply me sir.

Her Tuberculosis (TB) or any physical illness is not related to this.  And if you can accept her with her past then you can go ahead with her. There cannot be any future health problem, except mental trauma that she might be suffering from that time.

Hello sir I am 23 year old and from last one year I am suffering from the problem that after my sleep when I try to wake up my body start shivering I can see everything, feel everything, but I can’t speak at that time n cant wake up like my mind is alert it happens only after sleep & not daily but on alternative days. I have consulted many doctors but they were not able to judge this disease if u can help me than please tell me the reason.

This is manifestation of anxiety or stress that you might be going through in your life. For further guidance I need more information about your routine, worries, stresses etc.

Dear Sir, I need your guidance for my brother. My elder brother got married 2 yrs back. His wife (My Bhabhi) started to fight with my parents just 1 month after their marriage on small-small matters. After some time we came to know that she had affair with someone before marriage and it is continued till date. From the beginning she won my brother’s confidence emotionally and made him against us. My brother doesn’t believe whatever we say to him about her (even about affair). We have doubt that she has physical relation too with her lover. Before 6 months she had big fight with us and at that time my brother had taken her side. After that they don’t live with us. They live alone in other house. Now there is no control on her and she meets her lover at home itself. Now my brother realized the fact and his mistake. However he doesn’t have any control on her. Whenever he tells anything to her, she gives threat of suicide. Often I get so angry that I feel like killing her. We (I and my father) get very angry by knowing the fact that a person of loose character is living with my brother and still we can’t do anything because my brother doesn’t support us. We want my brother to come out of this relation (Divorce) but he is not ready for this. Our concern is that after knowing all these facts, why he is not ready for divorce? How we can make him ready for divorce? Please help us to come out of this situation.

He knows that his wife is not faithful to him. You should discuss with him about it in straight manner provided he is ready. You have to show your eagerness to support him for any extreme decision like divorce. However, if he is not keen to take your support then you have to leave him to fight his own battle after conveying him that you are withdrawing because he does not want your help. I also feel that apart from helping your brother, you seem to have some revengeful attitude towards your bhabhi. Check this feeling too.

I had sex 6 months ago. Week after week I felt strange feeling. Right now I feel my penis is dead. I still can feel it when I masturbate, but am not that sensitive as before. I did not get sick or anything else. What happened to me?

Nothing, you have become more conscious about it. Just relax and stop evaluating your erection. Things will get normal automatically.

I have a very very low growth of beard because of which sometimes I feel embarrassing. I have a bunch of hair on my chin, but no hair whatsoever on cheeks. Is it possible for me to grow beard? I am perfectly normal as far as other masculine traits are concerned. However, I am worried because of this problem. My parents are pushing me for marriage, but I do not want to marry because of this problem. Can you suggest a tube or medicine that can solve my problem?

Men have different patterns of hair growth on their body. Beard pattern, which you have described, is one of the normal patterns. As you have other normal masculine traits, your hormonal system must be in balance. You need not to feel inferior or worry about this. Concentrate on other aspects of your personality to boost up your confidence. You can go for marriage without any hesitation. You do not require any medicines, in fact no such medicines are available that can grow hair on cheeks



Actually I had always been in some sort of relationship (girlfriend). Now I don’t have any but I am always looking for girls. I don’t know what has happened to me but I am always looking for a relation with opposite sex. Can u suggest what I should do to overcome this problem or else I think the feeling what I have is of sex only?

To some extent it can be normal for guys in teen age or early twenties (you have not mentioned your age). To analyze the reasons behind your compulsion to have relationship with girls, I require lot other details. You need to work out on your personality and related factors. That’s all what I can suggest from this information.

The institute in which I study had recently organized a cultural event in which a local rock band by the name of ‘NATIVE RULES’ came to perform. I had never before seen a rock show in my life. I decided to enjoy it to the fullest, and with this purpose in mind, I drank heavily. However, the authorities caught me and my ID card was taken from me. On the other hand, 60% of the people present they were drunk. I am now being threatened with the consequence of being thrown out of the institute. I am a good student. My parents will not be able to bear such a shock. Sometimes, I even think of suicide. What shall I do?

It was unfortunate that you were caught while there were so many others like you. You should honestly present the same thing (as you have written here) to authorities and sincerely apologize for your behaviour. You should also assure them for not repeating same thing in future. Tell them your parent’s position on disclosing this fact to them and convey them how ashamed you feel. Finally say sorry, sorry, sorry…..and mean it too. Any sensible person will forgive you If you have good reputation  otherwise. 

Sir, I have a friend, his age is 23. He is very nice person. I had some personal experiences in my past. He tried to overcome me from those and he got success in it. Because of it, I have so much trust on him. He can fight for me with anyone. He is so caring. There is an emotional attachment between both of us. Problem is that he has a girlfriend, they love each other. But because of controversy of both families, they scarified their love. Yesterday, the girl got married with some one else as her family wanted. The situation of my friend is very bad. He forced his girlfriend to do this marriage. But these days are very tough time for him. To see his girlfriend in others arms and these set fear. He is very nice person, sir. When I talk to him he says that please leave me alone. I want loneliness only. How can I leave him? In my tough time he was with me. And now, I want to hold his hand, but I can’t understand what I can do for him to overcome this situation. He doesn’t want to share anything with anyone. But I can’t see his situation. Please tell me Sir, what I can do for my sweetest friend. Answer me soon Sir.

Leaving him alone means do not discuss, try to give solace or advise about the issue because males would never prefer this unless they seek such help. Only just be there without talking on that issue. Maintain contact and talk about other issues. He will automatically open on the issue.