Recently I am facing problems regarding sustaining erection. I am getting erection but unable to sustain it. Hence, I am failing to have sex with my partner. This was not the problem before, and I am mentally down regarding this. This has given rise to problems in our relationship. I am in a habit of masturbating regularly, b4 I first slept with my new partner. Please help.

Your problem is known as Erectile Dysfunction. It has psychological and physical reasons behind it. With younger age, psychological reasons are more likely. If you are getting proper erection and able to maintain it during masturbation then it is more of psychological problem. It is very difficult to find out the underlying cause/causes unless I know the details of your sexual life. You are required to discuss your sex life in detail, past experiences and many other details. If you want to see Doctor personally then consult Psychiatrist. They deal with sex related problems.

I am in love with my classmate. He is son of my father’s friend. We are really very good friends. He means so much too me. But its one sided love. He has sexual attraction towards me and we had sex many times. He says it casual sex, sometimes he feels that if this would not have happened between us then our friendship could be in better position. But as such he doesn’t regret about this part of our relation. But now I’m failing to cope up with this situation ,as publicly we are like girlfriend boyfriend but in actual for him I am just a friend, sometimes I forget this thing and I start expecting things from him as a lover as showing possessives, care and all what I give to him but he doesn’t. When I don’t get back the same from him I start losing my patience. I know this is wrong and because of my behavior he is fading up with me. He is ready for live in but he says he can’t be devoted with me, and I have to understand this thing that he doesn’t love me. If I want to live with him, what should I do? I don’t want to lose him because being honest he is a very good friend I ever had. And except having sex with me there is nothing which can prove that he has not been a good friend and I know it’s my problem that I love him. So what should I do? Try to suppress or leave him or accepting his conditions?

He is treating you as sex object. I might be sounding harsh to you but ask him to maintain the friendship without sex. If he can, continue the relationship and if he can’t, leave him.

I have passed 12th this year and I observe that I feel more comfortable in the company of children much junior to me. This has been going on since more than 2-3years. Now I feel uncomfortable in interacting with teachers, parents, grandparents. When I meet strangers I cannot talk for long.

Please let me know about your educational performance up till now. Low intelligence and social phobia are amongst the important causes of this.

Hello Sir I am 22 yrs old. I want to know how to attract a man or guy. How do I know the guy or man is impressed with me? I want to make a boy friend. How can I impress a man so that he proposes to me and last is I want to know what is sex and love.

You need nothing but beauty to attract a man. If you are not beautiful then learn how to look more beautiful and attractive with whatever looks you have. Your body language, dressing sense, make-up, communication skills etc can add to attractiveness. If you can create interest, inquisitiveness and excitement in his mind through your charm then he would be tempted to propose you.
Ideally sex is one of the peak expressions of the love but unfortunately in practice there may not be any connection between them.

I am in relationship with my girlfriend since last one and half years and we share every type of relation including physical. We stay in different cities so we talk on phone and meet once in two month or so. Everything was fine but when I came to know that she has an affair with another guy in her city including physical one but she says that she was forced for that. They were going on for 2 months and I came to know about this from the same guy. She cried a lot and trying hard to come back, I have given her a chance after seeing her tears but not convinced. What to do?

She has cheated on you. You should not believe her lies. Relationship cannot go long way on mercy, you need to get convinced.

Dear Doctor…!!! I’m a 25 year old guy, I’m gay and I have no issues with that. Let me just brief you about my past .I had a very good strong and healthy relation with my ex-boyfriend (who is gay too). I had to quit him relation because he got married then due to his parental force. After that, I moved away from that city and settled in a different city now. It’s been more than 2 years I saw him. We just used to talk on phone and sms each other. Now we both have decided to have an extra marital affair for life long. We both are immensely in love with each other. All this while I’d been telling my heart that this is wrong. I tried to meet couple of people as well to forget that person, but it dint work. Now finally we have decided to be together. Please advise me……

Both of you have decided to have a lifelong affair but then what about your friend’s wife and kid (if he has). You should discuss about this before you go ahead because this can be a source of conflict in your friend’s life. I understand you attachment with him but if you can stay without seeing him for 2 years then you can live with out him, just think over.

I m very depressed, because I feel uneasy in crowd. I do not know what to say in front of crowd. I m student so I have to face group discussions and interviews. However, because of my weakness, I find it very difficult to say. Because of this, I was rejected for sixth time in-group discussion today. Sir please helps me.

Your problem is Social Phobia. It is one type of anxiety Disorder in which person feels uncomfortable in others presence, particularly in crowd, social gatherings, meetings etc. Treatment requires analysis, anxiety reducing medicines, psychotherapy and relaxation practices. You may consult psychiatrist in person or may try online therapy.

Sir, I have a friend, his age is 23. He is very nice person. I had some personal experiences in my past. He tried to overcome me from those and he got success in it. Because of it, I have so much trust on him. He can fight for me with anyone. He is so caring. There is an emotional attachment between both of us. Problem is that he has a girlfriend, they love each other. But because of controversy of both families, they scarified their love. Yesterday, the girl got married with some one else as her family wanted. The situation of my friend is very bad. He forced his girlfriend to do this marriage. But these days are very tough time for him. To see his girlfriend in others arms and these set fear. He is very nice person, sir. When I talk to him he says that please leave me alone. I want loneliness only. How can I leave him? In my tough time he was with me. And now, I want to hold his hand, but I can’t understand what I can do for him to overcome this situation. He doesn’t want to share anything with anyone. But I can’t see his situation. Please tell me Sir, what I can do for my sweetest friend. Answer me soon Sir.

Leaving him alone means do not discuss, try to give solace or advise about the issue because males would never prefer this unless they seek such help. Only just be there without talking on that issue. Maintain contact and talk about other issues. He will automatically open on the issue.

Dear Sir, my relation with my girlfriend is 11 yrs old, we both are very possessive for each other, and in fact my girl friend is far much more possessive than me. In recent days we are facing a strenuous relationship because of the fact that 2 years ago I had accessed pornographic sites over mobile phone. My girl friend came to know about it through me as it was my confession. Now my girlfriend wonders that if I would have loved her then how I could look at pornographic sites. I admitted my mistake and said that I saw those sites just because I wanted to learn about better sex so that I can give my life partner the best pleasure in bed. Still she feels that I am not loyal to her. How can I convince her that it was normal act and I have never thought about any other girl?

Some amount of possession or jealousy is a by-product of love but this sound as an overreaction. Although many women are very sensitive about men’s habit of looking at pornographic materials but at the same time they need to accept that this is normal desire amongst men. If you are habituated to look at those sites or started neglecting her because of this then she should react. Otherwise she should leave this topic with a note that she doesn’t like you to see these sites. Make her read this answer, probably she will understand.
And by the way, there is nothing you should learn from pornographic site. It’s all about earning money while playing with your fantasies and stimulating you.

Hi, I have a 5year old son who hated going to school. We have been trying since he was 2yrs old, since he cried a lot and kept falling ill, we gave him break and tried again at 3yrs, where with a lot of crying he had to go. The school was understanding and helped him to adjust, but every day as crying sessions. Now he has joined a big school, where they do not tolerate such behavior. Even after a lot of talking and explaining, he still cries every morning and all the time in school, and even after coming home, its affecting his health and our peace. I’m on the edge all the time and have tried everything, we have tried love, anger, counseling, but nothing works. He vomits after crying, and does not eat anything and starts wheezing. He shows this kind of reaction whenever something new is started, for eg, he cried for drawing class. Swimming lessons, anything new we make him do he resists. What do you suggest is the best way to handle him? School is no option, he has to go

You did a mistake by starting so early. 2 years is not an age for sending a child to school. At this age, most of the children are having separation anxiety (anxiety about getting separated from parents, family or familiar environment). Forcing child to go to school before he can overcome his separation anxiety will result in School Phobia. Crying is one of the symptoms of School Phobia. You have tried every thing that means your problem is already messed up.  Please consult psychiatrist near by. Remember patience is the key.