Hello doctor, I need your advice. I want to discuss the problem of my brother and his wife. They had a married life of around 3 years. The problem is the abnormal behavior and short tempered nature of my bhabhi. The problem was started just after their marriage. She got tempered even without any sufficient reason. Sometimes that makes reason of fighting between bhaiya and bhabhi. My brother loves her so much but she makes doubt on him on his each activities. She said that he has relation with other ladies and he interested in other ladies. This is not true. Even we have to be very careful while talking with her because anything can make her tempered. We had tried so many times to know the reason of her short tempered nature but everything is in vein. Now her nature makes her and my brother’s life miserable. Please help us and suggest some way to change her nature.

Was she short tempered and suspicious before marriage? If she was, she may have personality problems or psychotic illness. If she wasn’t, she may have some relationship issues. In both cases it is better to see Psychiatrist. To change some one’s nature, one requires that person’s support and willingness to change. You can not change her nature by changing yourself with out her cooperation in the process.

Hi, I am 28 years old. I am married and have a very loving and understanding husband. He is my life. My problem is that before marriage I used to masturbate. Due to this I am become satisfied very soon. My husband is two years younger to me may this is the reason or may be that I am working so I have to manage both the things properly I get very tired and want sex just twice or once a wk. My husband is always ready for it. I know its a problem with me that I don’t enjoy sex that much and since is get over very soon it loosens my interest in between also. Secondly, I don’t like oral sex. I just hate to put something like that in my mouth though my husband enjoys it a lot so I do it for his pleasure. Pls tell me what I can do to increase my sexual desire as it may harm my lovely married life.

Low sexual desire may have many reasons. I need to know more about your rearing, early sexual experiences and fantasies etc.
Many women do not like oral sex. You can discuss your preferences with your husband because this may be one of the factors which might be putting you off.
To increase your desire you need to spend good romantic time with each other. Discuss your turn on and turn off with each other. Visual stimulation in form of photographs, movies or fantasizing can help you getting excited.

I am a 24 year old girl. I am in a relation for the last 6 years. We are in deep love with each other. We are not married. But very soon we want to get married. But there is a question regarding our relation. Actually we share a family bonding too. My mother’s father, who has a sister and the sister’s daughter, is the mother of my boyfriend. My question are-1) is our relation right to carry on legally? 2) Is there any problem which can affect our next generation? What’s your opinion doctor? Please help me.

As you are 24 and if he is above 21 then there cannot be any legal objection. This can increase the chances of hereditary illnesses or genetic deformities, if any running in the family, to your generation.

Thank You for your valuable service. I am a 33 yr old male. Married for last 4 years. I and my wife have a very healthy sex life we have 8-10 times a week. She says I am the best lover as we enjoy our love life. But last couple of months I have this urge to have much more sex. Sometimes in middle of my work in afternoons and since I travel a lot, I want to have with other females. In short my sexual appetite has gone up tremendously and I don’t think my wife can keep up to my appetite. I don’t know what to do as I don’t want to have sex with any call girl.

At the age of 33, having sex for 8 to 10 times a week is quiet a good frequency. Desire to have a sex with other females can be considered normal sexual fantasy but that does not mean that you should go and have it. Somehow people who are in travelling job have this desire more frequently.
It is possible that simply by overdoing it, now you are sort of obsessed with it or may be bored with same partner/same positions. You may think of some novelties in your act so that you remain interested in your wife only. And if nothing works then only one mantra can work and that is ‘control’.

Hi sir the problem I am facing is, once when I was with my parents my mom told that she loves my younger sister a lot. After that I am feeling that I am all alone. and one more is I was a distinction student since childhood but in 12 standard I got very less marks n I got scolding too but now I have continued it by getting less marks n my dad tease me like anything by comparing me with my sister. I am really fed of these things n I am feeling that I am not capable .so I think u will help me thank u.

Comparisons between siblings are very common. This does not mean that you are unlovable. Have you ever conveyed to your parents that their certain attitude is hurting you? If you haven’t, please do it in first place. We do like and wish that people should appreciate and acknowledge our efforts and abilities. However, if they don’t; that does not mean we should start thinking that we are not capable. Keep on putting efforts and try to prove your abilities rather then becoming sentimental on such issues and waste your time & energy.  

My office colleague (married with a son age 40) who became very close to me, because I helped her through a crisis, has of late calling me up for going around together. She has the tendency to deliberately showing off her cleavage when she is with me in the car or alone. Does this indicate that she wants sexual intimacy?

Yes, if your observations are correct.

Dear Sir, I am 31 yrs old male. I am a Computer Engineer. Many times I see snakes in my dreams. Somewhere I read that if we see snakes in dreams then we must have “Kal Sarp Yog” in our kundli. I have “Kal Sarp Yog” in my kundli. I have checked my kundli with 4-5 different people and conclusion is the same. I don’t believe that much in astrology but I see a snake in my dreams is a fact. Secondly, many times I see lot of things in dreams which is nowhere related to my real life. What could be the reasons?

Dreams have different schools of analysis. Dreams are simple manifestation of our day to day thoughts, events that we observe but don’t give much thought to it consciously. It is an occurrence of our unconscious mind that keeps working and churning at times even without our knowledge of the same. It is not always necessary that the things stored or dreamt are related to us, it may have sunk in from a movie, book, story we here from friends or any event that occurred which are insignificant so we did not pay much attention to it. As you mentioned about snakes and some irrelevant dreams there is no need to worry until and unless these dreams are causing some disturbance in your daily life. You should move on without paying much attention to these dreams. Also in case of your “ kal sarp yog” which you believe you have then get some “vidhi” done which will clear such obsessions….. DETAILED ANSWER MAILED TO THE READER

Hi! I am now engaged. I have done sex with my wife. She is 16yrs.But she has not bleed during first time, so I guess that she might have done sex with others. She is also dancer, Is bleeding necessary when we do sex for the first time. I want to go for medical examination for her. Is there any medical report possible to tell me that she have done sex with others? Please write me early. I am very much tense. Thanks

It is a false belief that woman should bleed on her first intercourse, if she does not then she had it in past. Truth is, many women do not bleed on first sexual act, more so in case of dancers. You should not suspect that your wife must have had sexual relation with someone else because she has not bleed.

Dear Sir I am a 38 year unmarried male. Since the age of 16/17 I have the habit of masturbation, I am always attracted towards sex, in my free time I always think about sex and sexy woman’s /surf porn site on net / read sex stories on net and start masturbating. Now I have to give up all these thinking and habit of masturbation .Please let me know does my problem deals with psychology. Should I consult psychiatrist. Kindly acknowledge. Thanks Regards

You seem to be obsessed about the sex and compulsive masturbator. You need to get control over your impulses. Psychiatrist is the right person to help you.

Hi sir, I heard a lot about you from news paper Gujarat Samachar so many times it helps me to control my stress. I am very sensitive person. I am always thinking about various things. Actually I always think I never sleep peacefully until I take Alprex. I panic for small things. My 2nd problem is that my 68 yr old mom is in terrible state. She had some problem with my brother who has come to India from London for three weeks. Since last month she is not eating properly and constantly crying and cursing the situation. I tried a lot but I couldn’t help her. So please if any way you could help me I would be very much obliged. If I am given appointment I would love to visit you with my mom. I will eagerly wait for your positive reply. Thank you for reading this.

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