Hello Sir, I don’t know how to start when it comes to say about my life I’m horrible in it. I’m a good listener and like talking with people a lot. I talk with my friends and make them feel comfortable so that they can share thing and mostly I end up with very intimate things of them .I don’t mind it in real life but habit is same in virtual life like this also. Few days back I talked with a guy on some chat site and he was very depressed with life so I ended up making him feel more worth living but was end of it he developed feelings for me. He is a really nice guy and I didn’t want to hurt him I didn’t say anything about it not even ‘no’ because I thought he’ll feel same after that and all my work’ will be dust. But my life isn’t joke he is something 8 yr older than me and I don’t have any future planning now just need to concentrate on my studies. I didn’t convey this to him but he got that after sometime and ended up saying I fooled him. I was feeling as if somebody stabbed me. I cried for night and it’s disturbing me a lot even now. I don’t know what to do??? Your advice I’ll be helpful. Thank you for reading .bye

Stop talking or chatting with strangers. Do not try to know about other people’s problems. if they are sharing their problems on their own then smartly keep yourself out. Never try to counsel them, leave this to professional by advising them to take professional help.

Hello sir I am 23 year old and from last one year I am suffering from the problem that after my sleep when I try to wake up my body start shivering I can see everything, feel everything, but I can’t speak at that time n cant wake up like my mind is alert it happens only after sleep & not daily but on alternative days. I have consulted many doctors but they were not able to judge this disease if u can help me than please tell me the reason.

This is manifestation of anxiety or stress that you might be going through in your life. For further guidance I need more information about your routine, worries, stresses etc.

Hello doctor, the problem is with my cousin sis. She has been brought up in a joint family, at the initial time her father, means my uncle wasn’t having any job so her bringing up depended on others. She didn’t even get proper care from her parents, was left on her own from before. She grew up wearing boy’s dresses and didn’t show any hint of being a girl from her appearance. Everyone over-looked thinking that it will be ok by time, but it got worsened. She had many with girls. Now she can’t accept herself as a girl and wants to go for a sex change. It has affected all of us badly. Because we being in a conservative middle class family can’t accept it and moreover she has left all attempts to recover from it. It will be of great help if you solve this problem. She has also attempted suicide many times. I beg u for her normal life Hope to get your reply as soon as possible… Thanking you.

Medically this condition is called Transsexualism. Physically she is female but psychologically she is male. Her nurturing must have played a major role in strengthening her psyche as a male than a female. Transsexuals are very determined for gender change and they can go to any extent for that. Although, some of them are satisfied with cross dressing only and others go to extent of surgery. Even suicidal attempts are common amongst them. However, one needs to rule out mental illnesses like Schizophrenia  in such cases. Consult Psychiatrist for further help.

My boyfriend isn’t grown up in some ways. Example-we moved out to las vegas and had a lot of pressures and he split back for home leaving me there with all the responsibilies but still wanting a long distance relationship. I said no and after I finished my semester of college I headed back for home too, and we got back together. I am ready for marriage in the next two years and he still wants to live with his parents. I think he finally got his head together about a career though; the military. I am moving to St. cloud to go to school and hes coming up in two months because of court issues, I am affraid of things happening how they did in vegas all over again. Should I wait for my boyfriend to grow up or should I just move on even though I love him?

It’s true that male gets maturity late as compared to female but in your case it is irresponsibility then immaturity. Leaving you stranded with responsibilities is not done. It sounds very selfish. For healthy relationship your love for him is not the only thing which is required, it is much more then that. I hope you get my point in right perspective. What you should look for is caring attitude, understanding and emotional security. If he can give you that then it’s worth waiting otherwise move on because only your love for him is not going to create long lasting satisfying relationship.

Hello Dr, I really need somebody’s advice and who can be better than you can. I am 26 years old and got married before 2.5 years. I had a premarital affair with a person for 7-8 years. However, most of that period my x bf was cheating on me. I loved him immensely and at the same time, I was frustrated and sad about what he did to me. I loved him a lot even what he did to me… but I felt I could not marry him coz I never had the strength to tell my dad about it. I belong to a very rich family and he was from a lower middle class family. I was practically ready to face any financial situation. However, I did not wanted to hurt my parents and family so I never disclosed this to them. I sometimes feel my dad would have got me married off to him if I ever did tell him but… Even after 2.5 yrs of marriage, there has not been a single day without a thought of him. I know I can never go back to him, neither would I want to. However, that feeling of love is still burning in my heart. Not that I do not love my husband, who is a very nice person and I married him coz he loved me… I also told him about my past before marriage. My husband and I were 23 when we were engaged and so not all his family members were ready for our wedding. Even my father warned me coz my husband family is not as well to as my father is. In addition, my husband is pursuing his higher studies… My parents were backing off coz I have a step mother in law (she’s not good person.) but in spite of all that I told my dad that he’s the guy I want to marry.. My dad was okay with our relationship. Now I cannot forget my x love, but it never means that I want him back in life. However, we can be friends. ?? I can’t tell this to my husband. I love my husband as well. And I wont ever leave him for any1 else. Coz he is my life now. he has supported me all the way thru and I will stand by him always but then I am so confused with my past. I try not to call him and not talk to him for months but then after sometime I just cannot stop myself… My x has moved on with life. However, sometimes I feel ‘m still there where he left me. I know him doesn’t’t love me… but I can’t forget him. Deep in my heart I still love him … It has been almost 5-6 years I haven’t met him… things have changed tremendously since then. However, one thing has’t changed. The love I hold for him. If I had to choose some1 form my husband and him, I would definitely choose my husband. Then…. Y that soft corner, I still have for my x. even after what he did to me. He’s also indulged into other women’s now. Still a Casanova. I do not want him to be in my life. However, I love him with all my heart. What should I do? Please help me. Thank you in advance.

When you love a person very deeply, it is always difficult to drive him out of your memory. There is no point in remembering a person who has never made you feel loved. However, I know this sounds very theoretical. The best way to keep him out of your thought is, stop struggling to drive him out. Let him be there in your memory and time will do rest of the things. Only thing you really need to do is, never ever establish any kind of communication with him by any ways. Keep your love in corner of your heart and go ahead in life. Try to convince yourself that he never deserved your love and never meant for you. Do not keep on asking yourself that why you love him so deeply because you will never find an answer to it. It just happens without any reasons. The day you will realize this, is the day he will start fading from your memory. 

Hi doctor, I have an unusual problem and don’t know whom to approach. I also request to answer to my query to my mail id. My problem is that when I speak to people I usually stare into their eyes, which I don’t do purposefully. This problem started when I was in my 12 Std. I am not sure whether this is because I day dream a lot and don’t blink often. But now I am very depressed coz I usually avoid speaking to people and even if I do I don’t look at their face and speak. I feel very odd about myself. People think wrong about me and I somehow want to get rid of this problem. I am also very overcautious about myself that I don’t feel comfortable at all in public. I am also very much depressed coz I look much older than my age and my relatives keep saying that I am dark and from where do we search a guy for her. Thinking about all these I cry when very depressed. Please help me in getting rid of this problem.

There is difference between looking and starring. Looking into some one’s eyes, while talking to him/her, is desirable. Difference lies in blinking. If you can manage to talk to someone without looking to their face then why can’t you manage to blink in-between? It is a matter of practice. You have negative self-image because of your complexion and other people’s comment. You have to build up positive image for yourself by accepting the facts which you cannot change. Once you have positive self-image your social phobia and depressed feelings will start getting better.

Your advise has helped me get along in past. I am highly qualified and my husband being in a transferable job, I kept picking up jobs as and when I got an opportunity, now he is in a very good post but the place is remote with lack of opportunities, I know I made choices in life and it is expected of me to make sacrifices, but with both children in a hostel, I feel depressed and a lack of purpose. It’s been six months now, I have tried walks, yoga, reading but I keep losing focus and lose interest in things that have to be done. I am a budding writer, but of late lost all motivation to write, I find excuses to get around doing things for myself, I’m also an artist, but even that I am not able to concentrate on. What is wrong with me, what do I do to keep going. Please help.

You might be suffering from Depression. You are doing everything which is needed to fight Depression. I mean exercises, meditation, yoga, reading etc. While continuing all these, you may seek professional help.

Hello Sir!! Now a day’s one advertisement is coming on TV for contraceptive injection “Dimpa”. It claims that its effect remains for 3 months. I want to know that is it for male or female? Does it have any side effect? Please reply.

It has to be for female. It must be hormonal preparation. No such hormonal preperations are without side effects.

Hi, my problem is I am committed to one guy who is really nice as a person. But I don’t like his body language. He is not very conscious of his surroundings. And ends up doing things which looks funny! The way he walks and reacts to ppl in public is sometimes so eccentric. He really doesn’t care about what others think about it. He does not care much about anything at al in life. Takes everything very lightly! So even if I tell him about his behaviour. He will ask me, “why u don’t like it eh?” and I can’t tell him yes as it would hurt him. He is sensitive about things regarding me! Therefore, how do I change him for better without hurting him? Kindly advice!

Why do you think that it will hurt him? Tell him what you feel and Try to explain that you are trying to help him for improving his personality.
One of the rare possibility is he might have some psychological problem like personality disorder, psychotic Disorder etc.

Greetings! Doctor sir, please tell me about HGH enhancers and HGH tablets for growth in human body. Which are good enhancers or HGH containing tablets? I need to get pretty taller, I am 5’9″, 21 years old, weighing 72 kg’s. Also I have lot of belly fat, and low lean muscles, and I all the time feel lack of energy and power, would you please name a HGH tablet or two, which can fit to my need?

You should not take any hormone replacement or modifier without consulting Endocrinologist. Consult him before you take HGH.