I am depressed. I can’t concentrate on my work. Others feel that I am fool as I am short tempered. There is no one with me and no body to guide me correctly for my future. I am alone. I want to make myself prove against others decisions. I have to prove my self that I can face my life problems alone. I am working with Mnc Company and I want to make myself and my carrier better in future. Please help me with this your quick response will be highly appreciated. Please help me. Thanks,

To find out reasons of your depression and loneliness, I need to have information about your age, marital status, family supports etc. Two things I want to point out from your mail. First you need to work on your short tempered nature because according to you, your temper is making you sound like a fool! (You will find tips on anger management in answers of other questions). Secondly, leave the obsession of proving yourself and conquering on others. All you need to do is just put your sincere efforts and do your best, rest of the things are natural result of it. 

My wife had physical relation with one of her friends, but now there is nothing. Her friend told me about all their relations. I had beaten my wife badly. Now I am not able to cope with the circumstances. I have one 7 year old son. Shall I get separated or what I shall do? Please advice.

Decision of divorce cannot be taken only on this, you have to tell me details of your marriage life.

Dear Sir I am married and have 2 kids. Sir I think I am a Sex addict because, I am always thinking about sex, Nudity and bad movies, so I cannot concentrate on my work also. Sir I want to get out from this bad habit. Please guide me what should I do?

I need more information about your personality and relationship with your wife.

Hi, I’m a 21yr old guy. I’m in love with a great girl. It’s been 10 months in a relationship. Initially I was very excited and happy about the relationship. I thought my girlfriend and me are the best couple around because we never used to fight or have misunderstandings etc. we always used to sort things in a very civilized way. Now days I’m beginning to feel that our love is slowly fading away, we are almost all the time mute on the phone. Not knowing what to talk about. We are getting frustrated about it and end up fighting. Whenever we meet, we end up having sex every time. We don’t talk much to each other. I feel that only a physical relationship is left in us. I really want her in my life. I made up my mind to marry her in future, but things are going on like this! I’m really scared it might not work… please help me out.

Both of you should sit together and have to do serious introspection of your relationship. Try to find out whether any one of you losing interest in relationship and if yes, then try to find out reasons behind it. You seem to be very eager in going further in to the relationship, but you need to check on her part. If both of you are equally eager, then this should have not happen (not at least in 10 months). Stop directing your frustration in physical way; it seems to be a merely mechanical act in your relationship.

I am a 25 yr old guy. I love her from last more than two years. Actually she is my first love when we started then she was involve with some one else as well as with me but she had sexual relation with me only because I know that guy very well. Now we can’t live without each other but some time I am getting frustrated with her past. She also hides some facts about her family as well as herself. But now she loves me more than me and wants to marry with me. I love her but our relation is not so much smooth we fight so much even using abusing words sometimes I slapped her. I am afraid some times of getting married pl suggest me what should I do? Actually my family also opposed this relation because she belongs to different cast.

Abusing each other and physical violence suggest that you lack mutual respect for each other. You need to work up on that, otherwise you will remain painfully attached under the name of love and suffer. Before you get married learn to respect each other, practice absolute honesty in relationship and increase your understanding. 

Hello sir, my problem is that I love a girl and we know each other from 3 yrs. We want to marry. The problem is that we are of different religions, I m Sikh and she is Muslim. My parents are against it, I can understand their fear but don’t know how to deal with that. Moreover, I feel if I get married with her, there can be problems regarding possessiveness of my parents, MIL-DIL feud etc. etc. so what to do regarding such situations? I know I have to support my going to be wife in such cases, but my parents have done so much for making me who I am today. I can support my wife but I will feel guilty inside that I am not considering my parents in their age and caring them, because I am from a middle class family. Please help me out.

This is a sensitive issue for your parents. Knowing them, you should have thought this much earlier. Now, either you convince them or have to choose between two. Nothing else can be thought at this point.

Believe me I am going through the worst phase of my life. Nothing is happening good, even any good news is not sounding good to me. My confidence is all the time low, I feel suffocated, torn apart; feel like to just end everything. None of the relations are working, my parents fighting as usual over thousands of issues they have accumulated in their life, and now I’m sick of all this. On top of this my personal relations are screwed. My marriage was almost fixed with the girl I liked a lot (she had the personality and all I dreamt of), I was already so deep into getting that relation but things did not happened the way I wanted to. Before this girl said yes to our relation, my parents rushed me to finalize another relation saying that the first relation is dead, there is no response etc, however, I kept on saying multiple times please ask them once more before we finalize the second relation. But no they would not just listen, and within one week I took the biggest and my most worst decision of my life to accept the second relation, wherein the girl is nice by nature and all but not close to the image I had in my mind (and am not sure she would be able to cope up with my lifestyle). To add the nail in the coffin 7 days post to this, the Girl from the first relation called me up and said yes to our relation. Since then, things are becoming worse and worse for me. I do not know what to do, one way is the girl to whom I have given a commitment but am not sure I would be able to love and other way is the girl whom I wanted to marry but I am bounded and cannot say yes. The ring ceremony and wedding is in November, and am not internally happy about it. I don’t know am I also justifying the girl am marrying to? Please help, am killing myself internally and emotionally.

If you feel that you won’t be able to make her happy (the girl you are going to marry) then talk to her honestly and break the engagement. It is always better to step back then going ahead and spoil some body’s life as well as your life.

hi dr I just want to ask u question abt one of my friend. She was very much attached to her boyfriend, who left her 7 month ago. However, it seems that she never stop crying and never stop be depressed. She stops eating and doing anything, I tried to help her but I could not. Please can u help me and tell me what can I do to make her be happy again? please. thanx anyway

When any emotional attachment breaks, it brings pain and suffering for those who are seriously involved. They may feel rejected, cheated or dumped, which brings sadness or depression. Depressive feelings in such condition can be considered normal and should settle down within 6 to 12 weeks. I think, your friend was seriously involved and she seems to be suffering from Depression.7 months time is quite long for coming out without professional help. Please take her to psychiatrist for counseling and treatment. This is the best way to help your friend.

I have been married for last 22 years. We never had a happy marriage. On the contrary my husband used to even start abstaining from me. One major reason was my dominating ma-in-law. I was 19 when I got married. I did not feel strange then but soon after my engagement I realised I would never be happy with him. He was just not my kind. I also had some soft corner for someone else who is a relative of mine. But due to relations neither of us could express love verbally. He too loved me. All these years I was busy managing my ugly marriage so I never could think of him. But now a day whenever I see him on any family function I feel for him. He too with his gestures expressed love for me. Everyone saw his madness for me. But the next time i saw him he was a complete stranger to me. He behaved as if he was sorry to see me there. As if he was ignoring me, but in fact he was watching me secretly. I was surprised. Then today I happened to have a casual talk with him on phone and he was very formal. He was trying to show his complete faithfulness towards his wife. I am completely degenerated and distressed. I love him and need him as a friend only in my life. What to do? I cannot call him again and again. But my incomplete life needs his warmth. What to do? I cannot show him my heart.

You are trying to feel your emptiness and marital unhappiness by establishing relationship with him. However, you have to remember that he may not be unhappy with his marriage. He may not be interested in serious relationship with you but may get in to it just for fun (to have another woman), if you will keep pursuing. In that case, on long run you are going to get pain and I think which you have an ample at present. His attitude suggests that he is not interested in supporting you on emotional front. Stay away from him.

Dear Sir, I am a 21 year old boy. I have been masturbating for the last five years. Now I am worried about it. Somebody told me that you will not have a child after marriage and you will not be able to satisfy your wife. Is this true Sir? I am trying to stop it but I am unable to stop masturbating. Please help me Sir. Give me a suggestion. I hope that you will reply me soon. Mr. Shy from Delhi.

Thank you Masturbation is a natural urge. It will not harm you. You may find detailed answers on this once you type word masturbation in search box on right top of the site and go.