Dr. Hansal Bhachech offers e-Consultations with prior appointments.


Why e-Consultations?

  • Saves time
  • Saves travel expenses
  • Saves you from traffic hustles
  • Gives an opportunity to share from your comfortable and familiar environment
  • Gives you more privacy and ease of sharing
  • Gives you freedom to choose your mode of expression and length of time


Modes available for e-consultations:


Phone Call



$ 13 per mail $ 16 per
15 min phone call *
$ 20 per
15 min chat *
$ 25 per
15 min chat *
Rs. 800 per mail Rs. 1000 per
15 min phone call *
Rs. 1200 per
15 min chat *
Rs. 1500 per
15 min video-chat *


* there are time slots for different modes of consultations hence charges vary for same length of the time.


How to go about it?

  • Decide the mode of consultations as per your requirement and comfort.
  • Pay your fees according to desired mode.
  • Send us transaction details.
  • You will get an appointment through mail.
  • Your e-consultations start…


How to pay?

You can pay through paypal or net banking