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Dr. Hansal Bhachech is a very popular author, columnist and psychiatrist of western India. His writings are simple, practical, reality oriented, to the point and witty.

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Sir My problem is that my mother her age is about 55 years old. I was married last 6 month back. Now condition is that my mother is blaming to my wife that she is torturing her by showing her bold eyes and now she is losing her temper and I want to know what is hidden in her mind (both in mother and in wife) through Hypnotism. So please suggest for the same.

This is a story of many families. Such issues between Daughter-in law and Mother- in law are very common. Best thing you can do here is keep yourself out of it. If you cannot do that then just keep listening to both and let them settle their issues by themselves. Men have to learn this art if they don’t want to get label of being partial to any of them!

I m a regular reader of ur articles. i read your one of the old aritcle regarding relationship and expectation. and i found it very similar to my case. i want ur advice and further information in this regard. Hope you will help me and give me some good advice. you had written in tht article dated 16th february, 2005 tht bcoz of ur more expectations u suffer in ur relationship. but its nt tht much easy to stop ur expectation from ur luved ones. i knw its very wrong. but can u give some advice tht how we can stop our expectations from others. yes as u written, i m the same kind of person who wonder for luv of people, i always give 100% in any relation whether they r my friends or my family. but yes m expecting also. how to stop my expactiations?

Dear R P
Reducing expectations in relationship is an indirect process. You cannot reduce them straight away. Reduction in expectations is a byproduct of change in your attitude. You need to understand that giving 100% in relations is your attitude but it is not necessary that other person have the same attitude. Unfortunately, emotions do not follow Newton’s third law so it cannot be equal from both ends. Giving 100% does not give you guarantee of getting 100% back. This understanding will reduce your expectations automatically.

Thank you so much for your timely help through e-consultation. Your e-consultation service is a blessing for people like us who stays away from our country and finding really tough to explain our problems to foreign doctors. Your suggestions were
Respected Dr. Bhachech
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