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Dr. Hansal Bhachech is a very popular author, columnist and psychiatrist of western India. His writings are simple, practical, reality oriented, to the point and witty.

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I am a very sexy and beautiful girl. I have very strong sexual desire. Once I saw on the internet a woman having sex with her pet dog. Whenever I wish to have sex with my dog, I close myself in my room with him and have sex for one hour or two. I am satisfied up to orgasm. But my worry is whenever I have sex with him he discharges his semen in my vagina and I also enjoy the same. Is there any issue taking his semen inside. Another problem is my mother now suspects our relationship. She has started behaving strangely with me and keeps eye on me. But I can not stop myself having sex with him and he is also very fond of me. Please advice.

This is unnatural and not desirable, medically as well as socially. You have to control as being an animal dog is not going to control.

I am in love since last 2years but unfortunately I am love with my cousin sister who is my mamaji ‘s daughter and there was a positive response from her side. We both decide to marry but after some months, she started ignoring me. One day she told me to forget her but I am unable to forget her. What I should do? I could not understand is any thing wrong in that and what I suppose to do.

Hindu rituals do not allow such relations. . Even though if you want to try for this relationship, talk to her and find out the reasons of her back stepping.  If reasons does not sound logical to you then try to convince her through your logic. Please do not forget that it is her right to say no to the relationship. Do not pressurize her and accept her decision.

Thank you so much for your timely help through e-consultation. Your e-consultation service is a blessing for people like us who stays away from our country and finding really tough to explain our problems to foreign doctors. Your suggestions were
Respected Dr. Bhachech
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