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Dr. Hansal Bhachech is a very popular author, columnist and psychiatrist of western India. His writings are simple, practical, reality oriented, to the point and witty.

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Sir, I’m a 21 yr old guy. Having normal mental status. However, I don’t know why I’m not very much interested in talking with girls. I feel shy of talking with them. May be due to a dark complexion. Otherwise, I’m a confident guy. I’m always in front in every talk or every field.

This is a very common problem with many boys and reasons can be many. I need more details to analyze reasons. Complexion can be one of the major considerations in first sight attraction but on long run girl will look for love, affection, maturity and respect you have for her.

I am married to my husband for 17 years now. He has been very loving and caring and encouraged me to study further and reach a position. I love him more than my life. Recently due to my hormonal problems and thyroid problem I lost sexual desire and remained away from him neither did he disturb me during this period. But suddenly he came up with a proposal of divorce which put me into a trauma saying that I cannot satisfy him anymore and we should remain friends. But I did not agree and I have become lonely. Please advice.

Hypothyroidism can lead to loss of libido (Sexual desire). Both of you should go to Endocrinologist and discuss this issue with him (which you should have done earlier). Proper management of Hypothyroidism should take care of this. Doctor will be able to explain him reasons about your lost sexual drive and its reversibility.

Thank you so much for your timely help through e-consultation. Your e-consultation service is a blessing for people like us who stays away from our country and finding really tough to explain our problems to foreign doctors. Your suggestions were
Respected Dr. Bhachech
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