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Dr. Hansal Bhachech is a very popular author, columnist and psychiatrist of western India. His writings are simple, practical, reality oriented, to the point and witty.

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I’m 19 yrs old. I studied in co-education school so I had many friends, boys as well as girls. Many guys used to propose me those days. I didn’t avoid them completely instead, I spoke for few days and saw whether they match me. I didn’t find any one suits me expect 1. So I fell for him but it didn’t last for even a month. He left me. Now for the past few years, I’m in love with another guy who loves me truly and I’m very sincere with him. The problem is, my ex told my past to him with extra build up that we had affairs but I’ve not even touched him. My guy got angry and believed him bluntly. I somehow denied the fact and made him believe that he is my 1st love. But now days he doubts me a lot and we always end up in fight. He is a very possessive guy that he can’t even accept me just talking to a guy from 1st… So I stopped all my contacts with my friends. After this incident he doesn’t believe me at all. I’m very worried. I love him very much and don’t want to miss him…Please help me out.

Only thing you can do right now is maintain utmost honesty and transparency in the relationship with him. Do not do anything silly which can add to his suspicion or insecurity. Rest of the things you have to leave to the time.

Dear Sir, this question is for one of my friend. Sir I think my friend has a problem, he always used to look at the girls, and always talk about girl’s hips and breasts as how big and voluptuous they are, he seems very desperate, whenever he see’s a girl or a woman, he just starts looking at her and watches her until she moves out of the sight, and always talk about having sex with them, and about new styles to have sex with them, however, every guy used to look at the girls or woman, and used to talk like this, but in his case, it is too much!. Everyone says that he is such a fucking desperate, every time, you know, every time he used to talk about it whether in mockery or seriously, every time he has these thoughts in his mind, and a single girl can draw his attention even from any important work or conversation. Sir, is there any cure for him?

He might be obsessed with sex. You may take help of psychiatrist to find out the root of these tendencies.

Thank you so much for your timely help through e-consultation. Your e-consultation service is a blessing for people like us who stays away from our country and finding really tough to explain our problems to foreign doctors. Your suggestions were
Respected Dr. Bhachech
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