Hello sir. I love a boy. He is my friend since childhood. He proposed me and I liked him so I accepted his proposal. The thing is I have been brought up in a kiddish way. Many a times my parents used to warn me that I have to act in a matured way but I never minded them. But now my lover is forcing me to behave like matured girl which I was not used to. I love him truly and am ready to do anything for him and just because he forced I started acting in a matured way and now I liked it too. But at a point of time or at some situation I am behaving in a kiddish way which makes my lover get angry on me. I explained him that it will take time for me to get used to the matured activity but he is not accepting it and blaming me that I’m acting as a kid, but all my other friends and family members are comfortable with my kiddish activities except my lover. I want to make him happy. Please help me.

Some men want mother figure in their wife. So they want her to be mature than her age. Your lover might be of that type. If he wants you to behave maturely then you have to behave accordingly to make him happy