Dear Sir, I am engaged to a guy since 6 months with both of ours parents due consent. And before getting engaged we had kind of courtship for 2months to know each other well. At that time only he did informed me about the girl whom he used to like during his college time and who is his best friend now. The girl also knows that he use to like her and as per his saying he stopped liking her because she was a daughter of rich man and both of theirs financial statuses were not equal so he dropped the idea. That girl is still behaving as his very close friend and calls him up daily at times thrice a day also which makes me feel very insecure. I have discussed this thing with him and he is saying she is just my very good friend and will always remain and I will try to reduce the frequency of calls but can’t stop as my entire group relation will affect. That girl also knows about the bitterness occurring in our relation because of her but still she is not stopping. I have asked many times to my fiancé that let me have a word with her in a very polite manner in front of you only that this is the problem and if you have any feelings for my fiancé be clear else just be reasonable in your dealings with him as this is affecting our intimacy and bonding. But he denies saying this will affect his relation with the entire group and he does not want that. At times he becomes aggressive and says that girl and her friendship are going to remain forever stay if you want else we can break up. And again at times he becomes reasonable and promises to limit his friendship but that thing lasts just for 20-22 days only and again the same thing starts, again quarrel and things will slow down but again will boost up. That girl has a mentality that she wants importance in life of all guys in group. And when she comes to know that now I am getting importance in my fiancé’s life she will complaint irrelevant things to my fiancé about me and makes sure that he quarrel with me on her complaint. He is very short tempered in all matters whereas I am a kind of girl who would like to be cool and composed even if we are quarreling. Whereas he gets highly frustrated and often involves his parents each and every big or small quarrels of ours. I am staying here as a paying guest and all alone here. I don’t call up my parents every now n then for these matters and believe to solve it our way. And now he and his parents are calling up my parents and saying I am always quarreling with their son and asks my parents to make me understand. Sir, kindly guide me in this matter. And also I am trying to convince him to meet you once personally so that we both can put up our points and get the proper solution. I don’t want to lose him at any cost. Kindly advise me about the same as well as let me know the procedure of getting your appointment if he agrees to come.

If he agrees to come then you should consider that he also feels that this is a problem, but if he does not agree then it is not a problem for him. In that case you need to find out if you wish to continue this relationship in the same given scenario. As the chances of him changing are very low as the friendship that you consider as problem that needs a solution, is not vital or problem for him.