Hello Sir, I don’t know how to start when it comes to say about my life I’m horrible in it. I’m a good listener and like talking with people a lot. I talk with my friends and make them feel comfortable so that they can share thing and mostly I end up with very intimate things of them .I don’t mind it in real life but habit is same in virtual life like this also. Few days back I talked with a guy on some chat site and he was very depressed with life so I ended up making him feel more worth living but was end of it he developed feelings for me. He is a really nice guy and I didn’t want to hurt him I didn’t say anything about it not even ‘no’ because I thought he’ll feel same after that and all my work’ will be dust. But my life isn’t joke he is something 8 yr older than me and I don’t have any future planning now just need to concentrate on my studies. I didn’t convey this to him but he got that after sometime and ended up saying I fooled him. I was feeling as if somebody stabbed me. I cried for night and it’s disturbing me a lot even now. I don’t know what to do??? Your advice I’ll be helpful. Thank you for reading .bye

Stop talking or chatting with strangers. Do not try to know about other people’s problems. if they are sharing their problems on their own then smartly keep yourself out. Never try to counsel them, leave this to professional by advising them to take professional help.