I am 20 yr old girl,was in a relationship with a guy since 2yrs. everything was goin well unless i started becoming angry about his friendship with one of my classmate. I did’nt like her always coming with us when we used to go out. She knew me and my bf were having fights even then one day she went with him to buy some of their practical work stuffs. What I dint like was that none of them asked me to go with them when once i denied my bf of going with both of them. Then i fought with him for the same reason and told him that i dont want to talk to him.. Next day in college he asked me to sit next to him but after practical classes i dont know what happened to him he stopped talking to me. And atually we both have different batches for practicals and both my classmate and my bf are in the same batch. We used to have fights because of her because i dint like my bf to tlk to her when I thought she was trying to create misunderstndings. But my bf told me that she’s just a friend and that i unnecessarily doubt him. After few fights he again broke up. Since then im trying to make him understand my points but he refuses to accept the fact that somewhere even he and that girl were wrong and gives me silly old reasons for breaking up. Actually in between when i pleaded and asked him for patch up, he did come into relation and in the meantime I also told that girl in private to stay away from him. But one day I found both of them sitting in reading area n discussing something..i got angry because that girl knew our relationship problems and inspite of me telling her not to stay with him she was talking to him behind my back. So in anger i went and told her infront of my boyfriend that im not liking her to talk to my bf. My bf got furious with this behaviour of mine and said that he no longer wants to keep this relation. How should i make him realise that she was creating some sort of problems and he thinks that i was always spying on him and he also tells me that i should be mature and he complains that i dont let him talk to anyone but thats not true. He just gives me excuses. Did he loose feelings for n will never return back?? what should I do to convince him??

One important thing you need to understand here is despite of your objection they kept on going means you are not valued. Neither your boyfriend is taking you seriously, nor that girl. Why do you want such boyfriend back?! Leave the person who doesn’t respect you.