I am a 24 year old guy working in a software company. In my project, I have a very good friend, of course its a girl. Of late, I realized that I had fallen for her. She is very nice and caring about me and I really want her as my life partner. We have nice understanding and we always keep chatting and joking. I belong to a very broad minded family who will happily accept her. My problem is, I am very much hesitant to tell her what I feel. If she says a ’NO’ and ’I have thought about you just as a friend’, I will loose a very good friend. I am really confused. What should I do?

Tricky situation! Trust your gut feeling , if you have been successful doing so in past in case of other confusions. Alternatively, start hanging out with her for coffee,drive or places where you can spend time. If she prefers and continues to spend her time with you outside your office (not on chat but in person) then you can take a risk to propose her.