I have this friend. We are friends since like we were 10ish. I love her and the problem is she says she doesn’t believe in love. We do everything,hang out, go movies, have sex,dinner,except when I tell her that i love her she gets angry. Her mom died while giving birth to her. I don’t know why she does admit that she loves me. She has great affection for me, even cries after seeing me wounded takes care of me. I don’t know what to do.sir please advise?

Some people are insecure, dependent or sensitive to rejection. They Usually are afraid to commit their love for others because deep down they fear their own emotional weaknesses. Do not pressurize her to commit, neither keep her telling that you love her very much as both can create equal pressure. Try to know her family background, her relationship with parents and relationship between parents themselves, probably you may find reasons. It’s wise to take professional help to resolve her insecurities for happy togetherness.