When I was 26 a girl showed her love by her motivational words and works. But I think she is not so beautiful. But others say she is beautiful. For 3 days we were in relative’s house. After that I forgot her. But one day she came for marriage function, but she kept a distance and answered what I asked .At that night I felt depressed, I loosed my mind power. After a week I went to her office to talk. I love her. I am not going to love any other girl until death. But at that time her manager came and asked me about what I want? I said, she is my friend and waiting for her. But suddenly she told her manager that I was only a normal friend and told me that I am busy. I never expected it. I loosed all power and started drinking alcohol. My question is, girl loves the money or social status or beauty or some other thing? Or they want sex or love?

She has never told you that she loves you. It was your perception, which is not true. She does not consider you as good friend even. You cannot compel someone to love you by just loving them. Try to accept this fact and move ahead in life.