Today some how I manage to share my problems with u n I hope you can guide me in the best way. It is a very unusual love story please read the whole mail I know you must be getting bore to see such a long mail. Well, I came here 4 years back to make my career. I am law graduate my best friend’s brother brought me here. He offer me to work with him in Delhi, I was practicing in court in my home town. I was not satisfied there it is a small town, than I decided to join his company in Delhi. After couple of months his attitude was different towards me. I was not aware what was there in his mind but little I understood his body language. But I didn’t care much. I was so desperate during that time I was ready to do anything for my career, he is very good man he said initially u work in Delhi to gather work experience, than I will send u to Europe. I started working, and he used to visit Delhi once in a month because we are form same place, sometime we used to meet for movie, used to go out for dinner. Than he started changing his attitude towards me like if I used to go out with my male friends than he used to keep eye on me I was not aware of all this and one day he suddenly came to my place and started fighting with me, coz I was going around with one guy, he couldn’t tolerate that he said, we had a really big fight and that day he confess me everything. .He is married man of 42 and I am 30 we are family friends I have a very good relationship with his wife n children, he is married for last 17 years having 2 kids of age 16 boy n 10 g. But somehow I got involve with him physically and today I really love him from the core of my heart it’s been 4 n half years. He has provided me all the comfort and yes he too loves me more than I do. Till today no one knows about our relationship except her sister my friend, but she didn’t accept it now we are no friends anymore. Every one knows from my family that I working for him and same at his place we live in Delhi as husband and wife everyone knows here he comes every month for 15 to 20 days he takes care of everything. I love him a lot now. I can not live without him, sometime I forget that he is married, it’s a really big problem my parents wants me to get settled down but I am already leading a married life, I have no interest in other man we both accept each other as husband and wife, now I would like to request you to guide me, I am really so confused ,he says that we will have a good future but not in India ,he is planning to send me to Europe soon to settled there so that we can continue our relationship and also to have our kids .He will never leave his 1st wife and kids I can not even say so but at the same time I love my parents too. u know I came with him just for the sake of my family. When I say do you think this way we can survive in this relationship? How long we can hide from our people, the day they will come to know what will happen. Than he says will cross the bridge when it come don’t take tension but I know he loves me truly like anything he can not live without me I know that ,he says I am his lucky mascot for him. so love guru this is the problem. You just tell me and guide me I will follow the same. And advice me in a very practical way if I want continue this relationship than so you think this is it possible? I am so glad that I share my feelings with you today. I can not tell you how good and light I am feeling. You are the right person who can only help me to decide for my future. Hope to hear from you soon if not than I will think it’s my bad luck.

It is never boring for me to go through long details of people’s relationship issues; in fact that’s my work.
If you are going with him then you are accepting to stay as a second. You must be aware about your status as a second. Legally you can not get any rights as a wife. Do not think of today, think of 10 years after. Where you and your status will stand (financial, social, personal etc.)? His regular visits to you are going to decrease as he will grow older, while your need for companionship is going to increase with age. His insecurities in the relationship are going to increase with a time as you are 12 years younger to him. Your parent will surely take this as a shock and later they know more shocking it will be. Moreover, you should be absolutely clear on your financial securities (should be equal to his wife); you do not have to go to him every time begging for your share. It may sound mean to you at present but believe me this emerges as one of the major issue in such relationship as time goes. He has to understand that he is having two families and has to do equal for them. Men’s Attitude in such type of relationship can change any time, so you should be prepared to face that and able to live in that insecurities.