This is for my father in law. He was a class 1 officer, retd. For the last 3 years leading homely life with his wife. Children are all away (Gulf). The problem is he is doubting his wife and creating stories about affairs even from 25 years before incidents and starts abusing her verbally as well as physically. He was a calm person but after this, he became different and now he is not ashamed at all to explain to anybody about these false stories about his wife. What is this type of illness called? How it can be cured. He is taking some medicines after consulting a doctor but there is no improvement and now he rejected to visit any doctor. Rest all activities are normal .he drinks alcohol and that time it is increased. Wife is now living with some relatives because of fear. pl. help me and suggest the way out

Your father in law is suffering from Paranoid Delusions, which is a symptom of many mental illnesses. It may be related to his Alcoholism. Please consult nearby Psychiatrist, he will diagnose the actual illness and suggest the way out. If he does not come then you go alone to consult.