Thank you for your help in advance!! I met this guy about a year ago that I really like. After about a month after meeting him, he moved away to become a firefighter. I have continued seeing him every time he comes home but last time he came back I told him I had to cut off the sex because it is something really special to me and I don’t want to just sleep with someone. so then he opened up to me for the first time saying that we will re-evaluate things when I move to the same city(I am moving there for school in a few months) and that he thinks we have really good chemistry yadayada. I went back on my word and slept with him that night cuz I felt safe and he assured me there was no pressure and that he enjoys our time in and out of the bedroom (yep we were a little drunk but that talk certainly sobered me up and he sounded genuine). Has the type of relationship we have gotten to a point of no return? Because our relationship has essentially been friends with benefits is there any hope for turning it into a real relationship? I guess I just feel like I’ve made it too easy so that’s why I thought cutting out the sex would make my intensions clear… when we are living in the same city lay down my expectations? Not sure how to approach this sticky situation cuz were not in a boyfriend girlfriend relationship. Thank you for your help!!

In male-female relationship, it is difficult to step back once there is a sexual element in the relationship. I mean, you cannot expect relationship at the same level once you keep sex out of relationship. Moreover, female can be comfortable without it but not male. You may go ahead stepping back on this ground but be mentally prepared for break up. If he continues without it then hold him tight because it is rare to find such males.