Sir you asked me to send both the two questions when you came back from USA. So I’m sending. Q Sir I and my boyfriend were in relationship for last 1 year. He was my classmate in MSC. He proposed me for marriage and although the last 1 year we have been very good together. However, now for last 3 months there was a dispute for reason that I sent him sms that I will die without you so he got angry. But then he talked to me last month so I thought that everything will be fine now. But then I don’t know what happened, someone probably said to him that I was having a relationship with one of PhD student (he was very senior to us and even married) of department where we study. He not even discussed the matter with me. He didn’t allow me to clear the matter. I sent him many sms to explain but at that time he didn’t want to understand anything. He is saying that I have cheated upon him. My friends suggested not to talk to him right now as he will not understand. I don’t know what to do. I can’t live without him. He is the boy I have shared some personal relation for the very first time in my life. I want him in my life. We decided a lot about our married life but now he said that he will not marry me and that I have lost value in his life. This all is very depressing for me. Please tell me what I should do. A. Though misunderstandings are part of the relationship, it is unfortunate. Convey him that you are ready to accept his decision but at the same time you want to explain the things for your satisfaction. This way probably he will be ready to listen to you. Explain your part honestly and wait for his decision rather than throwing yourself on him. That was your answer. Then my 2nd question and request to u was as below. Please help me Dear Dr., I m writing mail to u after many days because I was waiting to see whether my boyfriend reply’s to me or not. I saw that he has sent scraps (on orkut) to other friends that mean he checked his mail but he didn’t reply my mail. I wrote him a mail telling all the truth as you suggested but he didn’t reply me. I sent mail to him after a long time. Now I am feeling very upset and don’t know what to do with the situation. I don’t understand why he is not ready to reply me. Sir, I want to know what is going in his mind. I want to know whether he thinks about me or if he has completely forgotten me? (Because I just keep on thinking of him) Sometimes it comes to mind whether he has some other girl in his life now. That’s why he left me? I know that he is not that kind of person to leave me and go to other girl. But since he did all this to me sometimes such thoughts come to my mind. I can’t tolerate to see any other girl with him. This thought makes me go unstable in mind. Sir please help me. Please convey him my condition and truth that I have no relation with that guy. Sir I am quite depressed. Please help me. I can’t live without him and moreover when I saw that he is contacting other friends but still didn’t reply my mail it made me more disturbed. Please help me sir. Please tell me will u mail him as a doctor conveying him as I asked you in previous mail? Sir please help me. Thanks

This is unfortunate but I think there has to be many factors behind this. As he is neglecting your communications out rightly, the only way left to you is to involve some common friend (rather then involving stranger like me, which in turn may create an impression that you are trying to blackmail him emotionally). If this is also not working then try to accept that you are dumped and leave analyzing the causes which will give you pain and only pain.