Sir, there was a girl I fell in love with. Since childhood I grew up liking her. I really adored her. Wanted to make love to her, she too loved me. We were so happy together. My parents came to know that we were dating through our relatives and didn’t give me permission to have her. I even wanted to elope with her. She denied it thinking of her family. She married someone else. After some time period she tried to contact me but I refused to be in touch. She has a son now. Sometimes I get dreams which seem very beautiful but as I wake up…I feel totally broken and depressed. It’s hard for me to sleep. I constantly think of her. I want to talk to her. I take my dreams very seriously. It’s giving me lot of pain. Help me sir.

Dreaming is a natural physiological event. It is necessary for your mental health. You should not control it. You cannot change it’s contents on will. Try not to take it seriously and stop giving deep thought to it.