Sir, Pls guide me to solve this problem. I don’t have any control, stability, patience, negative thinking, depression etc. Moreover Headache, afraid of every thing, guilty, sad, loneliness….. Once I will start any business or job I can get good results. But I don’t have patience to improve my business or skills also. The main problem is my age 32, still haven’t married, I am afraid because I am interested in one lady and want to marry her, but she has connection with other person. 2-3 persons I can observe. Married persons also. Here in Kuwait more peoples have illegal contacts. I am not a doubting person. If I can marry they have some contacts I can not face that pain. I don’t have any other bad habits am a correct person in my work. I have an offer to marry USA green card holder also. Still I am facing the pain. That’s why I did not doing my job also and taking food sleeping etc. can u pls suggest me the solution

I do understand that you may have come across certain cases of premarital and post marital affairs but that does not mean every one has it. You can not avoid driving; thinking that so many people had an accident in past. If you find suitable match then you may think of getting married and once you decide on that line then stop thinking about her past and never try to dig it.
Your impatience seems to be a part of your personality and rest of symptoms may be because of Depression, which may be secondary to your emotional problem. Decide your priorities and plan your future action accordingly.