Sir, my problem is in various areas. I want to overcome those and live a happy life. I got married at 19 yrs of age; however I was not ready for sudden changes in my life after marriage. I realised it afterwards. Before marriage I was not so matured and felt my parents would think right for me. But my in-laws gave me troubles and I didn’t know how to face them. However they are not so big problems but due to situations I got disturbed a lot. My husband was in search of job-change and he always wanted me to be with my parents thinking that it would be comfortable for me. I was with my parents for a very long time. I had a baby and my studies were going on. My in-laws were always away from there duties. They imposed customs on us. But never thought of looking after my baby at least. My parents are both working and it was very hard for all of us to take care of baby as I too was studying. My husband was busy in getting settled. Even when he got job he was reluctant to take me and baby back with him. So my parents got worried and got angry that for how many days still they would take care of me. Some discussions happened and I got sandwiched between their egos. Before also due to old thoughts of in laws he took fights with me and my parents but my parents always forgave him. He is not bad also. But situations came like that. For me; studies, baby care, in-laws impositions, relative’s talks, relation with parents, being away from husband, and not enjoying life like my friends do etc was so much. I started thinking why did I get married and stuck into these things; I would have studied happily peacefully instead. Now I am with my husband but not able to understand him properly. All these years, the gaps between us lead to not understand each other correctly. He is very practical man and I am emotional. I am very sensitive also. He is hard and I am somewhat easy-go-lucky type of person. I want to enjoy life along with working hard but my husband believes in go on working. Then why such kind of people gets married. I am very depressed, also I feel suicidal. All past things revolve in my mind and I feel a lot for all that had happened. I am lacking confidence, and I am not at all happy. I expected a lot from my marriage but it changed my life style and thinking. I am discouraged and want some guidance. My baby is growing up and I have to handle and balance myself to take good care of her. PLEASE HELP SIR.

You have to compromise with the situation. You cannot change any one. Stop complaining and start living in the best possible way in this situation. Try to improve your communication with your husband. Do not put blame or nag him, which will further worsen your relationship. If you have financial independence, familial support and willingness to walk out of this relationship then you can think of taking divorce.