Sir, in my 11yrs of married life I have 8yrs old daughter and caring wife. but since last few months I am having unusual thoughts, empty headedness, abdominal discomfort and have unusual thoughts of looking at abdomen of people eg. male front side and female back side. It becomes difficult for me to represent myself in front of others. People laugh at me; they think I am gay or mad. Because of this I feel anxious and depressed many times. I have lost my job last month. I had taken escitlopram-5 OD for one month before 6 months. I have history of depression/anxiety last 3-4 yrs. I have been working in pharmacy field for last 14 yrs. have normal sex life, still attracted towards only females etc. But now I have suicidal thoughts some times. pls tell me what to do. Due to this I am finding difficult to maintain my social, professional, personal relationship. Thanking you

You have developed an obsession which can be a part of your Anxiety Depression. Please consult Psychiatrist and take medicines under his care.