Sir, I would like to tell you that I had been in a relationship for about 2yrs and recently we broke up 4 months ago. And now I have completely removed any thoughts of her from my mind as she doesn’t deserve it. Now the problem is that we both have to work together for some project purpose which is a compulsion. So please can you suggest me any ways to avoid her or keep her away?? Because whenever it happens to interact which each other I am not at all comfortable with it!! She doesn’t matter me in anyway now and I have moved on in my life! Please help me out to avoid her thought we are working together!!! Thank you.

If you have become indifferent to her then why should you bother to avoid her thoughts? I think in that case you are not completely out. When we had emotional relation in the past and have to work with the same person in present, it is natural that our thoughts will take us to our past. Consider this as natural and do not give undue importance to it. It will automatically die when you stop feeding them with your attention.