sir, I’m 24 yr girl. I had sex with my bf before marriage and because of that I’m feeling very guilty. I don’t know how well our relation will go? I m afraid whether if I got married to some one else than what that guy will feel about me? Whether he will come to know about my past? Whether he will accept me or not. Or should I tell that guy every thing very clearly….or should I hide this thing from him. Even though if I hide any thing from him then also he will come to know from my physic what should I do?

Having sexual relations before marriage reduces your chances to getting married to him. You may find it weird but it’s naked fact of the life. Males will always start loosing the interest in the relationship once sexual barrier is broken, more so when you are not married.
However, it seems that your major concern is about your future husband. It is never possible for him to find out that you had sexual relation in past from your physique. You should never disclose this fact to him; no men ever would be able to digest this fact. In one way or other it will keep on creating issues in your life. You may refer other answers in this site, many of them are relevant to your problem of diclosing the fact.