Sir, I’m 19yrs old now .When I was 6 years old I could find my mom fighting with a women who is our neighbor. My mom complains that, that woman is the reason for all her sufferings. She says that, that women causes her leg pain, menstrual cycle, even cold fever… for this reason we changed our house, but even there she started complaining the same way wit another women… she promised telling lets go to our old house and I won’t behave this way, so we shifted again to our old house… We consulted with many psychiatrist but it’s of no use…. she is still the same… I’m very worried… when she is with us also she keeps thinking something else… she says she is very frightened that, that woman won’t let her live. Even now everyday she says that lets shift our house again. What is her actual problem? What should I do now? I want my mom back…. because of this, I lost my mom’s love for me… help me out doctor.

She seems to be suffering from Paranoid Schizophrenia. She should improve with the treatment. you have taken treatment from many psychiatrist and still she is not improved, this require closure look to her treatment details. Please send me details of her treatment so that I can be of further help.