Sir, I love a girl. i proposed her and she accepted. When I discussed the matter with my parents, they readily agreed to our relationship .but her mother denied even after much persuasion. So my parents finally forced me to marry and I did so in last June. The girl I love is very good and sensitive. Her parents are divorced; she was brought up by her mother. She is the only child of her parents. I thought I must give her emotional support and continued my relationship. Instead of bringing her out of trauma, we developed more intimacy. Now she forces me to marry her. Please help me, because I am in a fix.

Thinking of getting married to that girl is out of question as u cannot do this to some innocent person like your wife. It was your mistake that after marriage u continued this relationship. Why should your wife pay the price for that? Accept that you are a married person now and you should not carry on with relationship, Start withdrawing yourself from the relationship to complete break up. No strings should remain attached otherwise emotional issues will entangle you.