Sir, I love a boy and he loves me too. I am doing a government job while he is studying yet. We want to get married after he gets a job. The problem is our caste is not same. His parents have almost accepted me for her daughter-in-law but I have not even informed my parents about my love because I know they will not accept this. But we love each other deeply and cannot even think about marrying someone else. Sir at this time I am very depressed and cannot concentrate in any thing. Nothing makes me happy because I always think about us and what happens when my parents will refuse to accept us?? I don’t want to lose my parents as well as my lover too. At this time they don’t know about my affair. I haven’t told anything to anyone. Please guide me how can I convince my parents for my love marriage?

This may sound unpleasant to you but if you were knowing that your parents are not going to approve such relationship you should have informed them about your liking and getting close. Probably you might have ignored their approval or taken them for granted. Now you do not want to loose them! I think, now you need to wait until he gets job because no one would like to marry their daughter to jobless person unless he is doing higher studies which assures bright future prospects. Mean while you can open discussions about love, marriage, caste etc in general so when you talk about him they will be already knowing your ideology.