Sir, I have asked 2 questions before related to this relationship of mine. A quick recap is that I have been in a long distance relationship with this girl since 2 years. I come from a well to do family with a neat past. Until I met this girl I never lied to my parents, spent almost no money and was able to concentrate on my studies. My girlfriend on the other hand is an orphan with a traumatic past including drug addiction, one rape and a brain condition called tubercloma (which still exists). I do not care about what happened with her in the past. We are deeply in love with each other. I care about her a lot and the slightest harm coming to her agitates me to the greatest of extents. She lives alone in a house. She does not earn since she has not completed her studies beyond 10th standard (she is 21yrs old right now). We got her into private schooling. She has no source of income. She pays her rent, food etc by borrowing money from some guys. I am one of them. Now the problem started one month ago. She had to change her apartment and since bachelors do not get a home easily she asked me to sign the agreement stating we were husband and wife. I was against it but I did it since it was urgent. This was a year ago. She changed her apartment again last week and this time I gave her a firm no for signing as husband and wife since it is a criminal offense. Moreover she is also not able to pay rent so I asked her to take a home with less rent. But instead she went for a home with even more rent and wrote my name on agreement as her husband again. I had to lend her some money again. I have lent her some 50,000 rupees till now. I lied to my parents. I told her I don’t like deceiving my parents but then when I think about her condition I feel that she cannot turn to anyone else except for me since she has no friends. Furthermore, my academic life has been on a downslide. I am not able to handle the tension of answering to my parents about so much money going somewhere, bad academic performance, and my deteriorating help. However her problems are more than mine so I want to help. I do not want to end the relationship but I don’t want it to go on this way either. I want to stop lying to anyone. I want to concentrate on my career while having a relationship. Also even if I do decide to end this she most probably will harm herself which I don’t want to happen. Furthermore, the landlord is asking for a marriage certificate now which she does not have. I am really scared that I might go to jail for forgery or faking identity or something. I really feel bad for her because she has had nothing but a bad life till now. I really want to make a difference in her life but not my sabotaging my own life and relationship with my parents and relatives. Please advise me what to do. I am not able to concentrate on anything which is only increasing my worries.

I think now your love is more out of mercy and fear than affections. Her behavioral patterns suggest that she has personality issues, which can be secondary to her tuberculoma or traumatic childhood. You should remain firm on not supporting her on illegal matters. Try to introspect your feelings whether it is your love or mercy and then take decision about future of this relationship. It is also advisable that she should take an urgent medical advise for her tuberculoma.