Sir, I have a friend, his age is 23. He is very nice person. I had some personal experiences in my past. He tried to overcome me from those and he got success in it. Because of it, I have so much trust on him. He can fight for me with anyone. He is so caring. There is an emotional attachment between both of us. Problem is that he has a girlfriend, they love each other. But because of controversy of both families, they scarified their love. Yesterday, the girl got married with some one else as her family wanted. The situation of my friend is very bad. He forced his girlfriend to do this marriage. But these days are very tough time for him. To see his girlfriend in others arms and these set fear. He is very nice person, sir. When I talk to him he says that please leave me alone. I want loneliness only. How can I leave him? In my tough time he was with me. And now, I want to hold his hand, but I can’t understand what I can do for him to overcome this situation. He doesn’t want to share anything with anyone. But I can’t see his situation. Please tell me Sir, what I can do for my sweetest friend. Answer me soon Sir.

Leaving him alone means do not discuss, try to give solace or advise about the issue because males would never prefer this unless they seek such help. Only just be there without talking on that issue. Maintain contact and talk about other issues. He will automatically open on the issue.