Sir, I got married one year back. My hubby is very simple person. I m a person who never support demanding & layers people. My in-laws family is of same type. Due to which our relationship is not smooth. He is making differences between us due to his family. As family members are double faced people and plays the roles accordingly. Now my hubby does not supporting & understanding me due to the role-played. As now, I m tackling the things from last one year now I m impatient thinking to break our marriage. Plz suggest me something, I m going in a depression day by day and it effects on my job also.

If your hubby is sensible man and if this is the only problem between you then I think, thinking about breaking marriage is too harsh. Is your husband aware about real problem, I mean attitude shown by your in-laws?  If not, make him aware of that by discussing it in detail. Try to put your feelings in words. Do not blame or abuse your in-laws in your discussion. No one likes to listen bad about his or her parents, brother or sisters. You have to make him aware about how do you feel rather then complaining and show your keenness to solve the problem. Once he is sympathetic about your problem, you may plan joint talk with your in-laws. Never send him alone to talk as your representative; this gives wrong signals to in-laws. When woman is disturbed in her relationship, she cannot concentrate in her work (job). Once your interpersonal issues will get settle down then your emotional and work front will be okay.