Sir, I am married since 3yrs, earlier 2-3 month back we use to have sex daily but now my wife is not quite interested in sex. Now a days she never insist herself for doing sex. I always insist for doing but she refuses most of the time. Now we do 1-2 in a week. But I can`t wait too much, I need daily. Whenever I ask her to do so, she told that I alway think of doing sex. Please help me out. Now slowly I am losing interest in her and searching another for sex.

For a male having sex is a physical desire but for a female it is an emotional need. If she is not showing any interest in physical activity then she could be having some underline emotional issues which only she can revel. You need to self analyze yourself if you are able to satisfy her emotional needs. If you think you are able to then you discuss the issue with her and try to understand her problem. At last you may seek help from psychiatrist or a psychologist together who will help you in the process.