Sir, I am a married (Male) about 7 years back now I am aged 39 years. I am happy with my wife aged 34 years, we have two kids one aged 6 years and other 1 year old. I and my wife maintain a good relation through out our married life. I love my wife very much and so does she. The problem is that one of my cousins is also married. I always I have some of attraction towards his wife who is about of my age 39 years. My cousin got married much before me. When I see my cousin wife some sort of sexual feeling starts in my body because I meet her frequently since we stay in a big house. Sometime at night I think of her Kindly advice what to do to overcome this problem

Many males have such kind of sexual crush. Only thing you can do to overcome this sexual feeling is self control. Do not find excuses for not exercising control over your desire.  Make conscious efforts not to think about her, which in turn will help you to control your desire.