Sir I am 22 year old guy pursuing 4th semester of my MBA. Now a days, I am in a serious problem as placement season is going on, companies are continuously coming but I am not getting shortlisted for any company and the result is I am totally frustrated, losing my confidence and Concentration in my every work. Apart from all, the most serious problem happening with me these days is that in the night, I suddenly lose my sleep and getting attracted to one of my room-mate, I mean problem of attraction to same sex. I have touched his body parts for 4-5 times without his information and after doing so I feel guilty and promise myself to control this, but I couldn’t. It is the first time happening with me. I am unable to understand the situation I am in these days. When I also think about this I lose my concentration in study and confidence on me. Sometimes, wrong ideas come into my mind also. Please tell me what this problem is about and give me the solution otherwise it can affect my life badly.

It seems that you are developing depression please consult a psychiatrist nearby.