Sir, before 5 years I was in love with one guy who left me and married someone else. It hurt me a lot and took long time for me to be normal. I am working with an MNC. I am 28 years old now, now I have feelings for one of my colleague who is married. He also has the same thing. He has not proposed me directly but by his behavior I can feel that he is in love with me. We meet during duty timings only. Our work is in such a way that sometimes we will have to stay up to 10-11pm and at that time there is nobody present in our office, actually we have a separate cabin. Sometimes he starts some physical activities, mean kissing, touching etc. He is very sincere and loves his family and his wife very much that I know but he has said that he cares for me has feelings for me. I think that it is wrong, mean our relation is wrong as indirectly I m cheating his wife. He is saying that I am a part of his life now, and will remember always me. I believe him and I know that he never lies. I have strong feelings for him and I can’t stop myself from thinking of him, I love him a lot. I am afraid that what will happen to me if he goes away from me? His native place is not here, he is planning to shift/change the job. I cannot understand what to do now. Should I go ahead with this relation or not? Our relation supports me a lot but when I think about my future, I get worried. Kindly requesting you to guide me. Thanks.

Stay away from him. Apart from some temporary emotional support, you are not going to get anything but pain. This might be difficult for you at present but remember that it is going to be more difficult in future.