Respected Sir, My parents are not living together from last 18 yrs and I am the only daughter of them. So I am getting worried about my papa (as I am living with him) that after my marriage who will be there to look after him? Papa has started watching adult sites and all but I don’t know what to do with what? I get so worried about papa as nobody is there to look after him. Now I want to ask about myself. I am in love with a guy who used to be my Rakhi brother not more than that and we both belong from different cast. Our family put faith on us and allow us to go freely just because we have relation on bro- sis but now we want to get marry. So can you suggest what to do? My boy friend’s parents are agree for this marriage but my papa is not ready and I want to convince him for marriage so what should I do?

Your concern about your father is genuine; anyone in your place would feel the same. However, you cannot do much about it except taking his care from your house. You should talk to your father about your relationship and convey your wish to marry him. You can only convince him by showing your honesty of feelings towards your rakhi brother.Keep your rakhi brother present when you talk to your father.