Respected sir, I’m a big fan of yours, I also read your articles. I also came to your clinic and met you. After few days I’ll get married (arrange marriage) my fiancé lives in Bangalore, he is a computer engineer. He told me he has headache still 1 year. He thinks that something is there in his brain, and because of this he has headache. For that he did all test like CT scan and blood test, all are normal. But still he complains. He also told me that before 1 year he has depression for due to job, so he visited a psychiatrist, and he suggested the tablet sertaline and the doctor told him that, “you have obsessive compulsive disorder, and take this tablet for 6 months” but my fiancé doesn’t take these tablets .Now he has no depression after our engagement but he still complains of headache. Now what can we do? I want to meet you, is it true that these are symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder? He is very stubborn. Please give me suggestion.

There are plenty causes of headache. Most common amongst them are Vascular headaches, Depression, muscle contraction headache, infective causes etc. Normal CT scan usually rules out serious causes. Consult Psychiatrist / Neurologist.