Respected Sir, I have a query of mine. My brother (currently pursuing his masters – on industrial training in Mumbai) is having a relationship for around 3 yrs and were in total commitment stage. Initially, the girl (living somewhere else) meet my Brother at the time of Training and proposed him. She also introduced him to her mother later on. I don’t know how and why this happened but few months ago we (myself and Brother) had a visit to her parents. After our leaving the place, they used to pass a number of comments against my brother (and indeed family) that it got worsened. They are now in a denial stage. Girl was always with my brother and he also used to ask if she was with him through out his life. Suddenly, this girl started ignoring him and less calls/no replies/rude behavior. She also told that there is one guy who helped him in between and her parents also liked him. When I spoke to her about this the only thing she confirmed is she doesn’t want to go further in the relationship. Now, I didn’t told this to my brother but due to her rude behavior he is concerned and crying all the time plus talking about taking wrong steps. My family is all time concerned about him/his health and try to divert his mind all the time or tackle the situation. Future of this relationship is nowhere now. Could you please assist in such situations what we can do as a family member? How should he tackle this situation in a positive manner and concentrate on other things forever?

Your brother has to accept that he is dumped by her. Reasons may be anything but reality is she is not interested to go further. Accept this fact and move on. Stop talking to her and end relationship at once.
Family members have to support him taking this decision and just be there for him.