Respected Sir, I am in final year of engineering. In my college there is a girl whom I very dearly love. I have proposed to her and she had refused me. It’s 1 year and 7 months since then. But with time things have changed. I felt that her feeling towards me has changed. Whenever I thought that we were getting close I again expressed my feeling to her she would talk to me in a very rude manner. I love her and these things really hurt me, but still I am never able tell her anything inspite of her bad behavior. Well it’s been around three months since I last talked to her. She studies in my college and even if I see her I simply act as if she didn’t exist. Sir it has taken me a lot of time to have somewhat come out of this issue(though I am completely not out from it yet). Well the problem now that I see is I have become very short tempered .I am always angry and small things just ignite me. My behavior at times is very rough (I never hit anyone).I have developed a total negative attitude in life. I feel I can do nothing .I have very high aspirations but I am not able work for it. My mind keeps me preoccupied with those things she had told me, and I get very angry then. Her sight upsets me and the fact that I will be seeing her in college pisses me off. Well sir I have completely lost my self respect. People even in my family sometimes speak to me in a manner that is not acceptable to me. In other words I am only having a free fall and don’t know where this will lead me to. I hate myself for having loved someone so earnestly to whom I completely mean nothing. I am feeling frustrated sir. I see myself as a loser in life who is not able to achieve anything. Please help me if you can sir. I will be thankful to you.

You feel frustrated because you are not able to digest her rejection and that produces aggressiveness. Accept that she is not for you. Learn not to compromise with your self-respect.