Respected Sir, I am going through a miserable situation since my marriage i.e. 5 yrs. I get married in 2003, having a son of 2 and half years. It’s a love marriage, but just after 6 months of our affair we get married. She knows everything about my past, about my ex-girlfriend and all. Just after marriage she got totally changed. She started mistrust me and that causes misunderstandings. She always thought and may have fear of that I may get fall in love with someone else even after our child. I am running a small computer centre. She never tolerates the fact that I will take the classes of girl students. I can’t hang a board before my centre “For Boys only”. She even never left her own sister (my sister in law) and suspect her also. This problem never stays for all the time. 3-4 days in a week she runs under this critical situation and that time my life turns to a hell. “Why did u wear this shirt? Why r u using perfume? let me check your mobile” all this non-sense make me really sad and frustrated. I love her all the time, but due to shame I can’t discuss this before anyone not even to her family. This problem increasing day by day. Plz. help me out! I tried all the best possible way by going to some change (vacation) etc, but fails. Thanks and Regards

She is developing Paranoia. It is a psychological illness where person starts suspecting abnormally. Please take her to Psychiatrist nearby.