Respected sir, I am a girl of 23 years and persuing professional course. I possess a strong moral and ethical values. Previously I never thought of getting involved in any relationship. But however in 2011, I came to a relationship with one of my junior. By that time he was very caring and loving toward me. We started chating on phones and meeting outside but he wanted me to talk on phones and meeting outside frequently. But as I was staying in my home I could not do that for him. But anyhow I was emotionally attached to him very much. But once while chating on message he asked me to kiss him when further we will meet. I simply denied him. He did not tell anything to me and after one week of our conversation he broke up with me on 2012 by showing all my faults and mistakes and by that time he continued to be in a relationship with another girl who used to be his bestfriend’s girlfriend. By that time I felt helpless and, many a times I attempted for suicide but could not. I was in a very bad condition I cried near him a lot and apologized for all my mistakes but he did not listen to me. Any how his best friend whose girlfriend left him for my boyfriend was also in same kind of situation as I was. We both became friends and after five or six months he approached me to be in a relationship with him but I denied him many times by thinking that I could not love anyone else in my life once again and if I am doing so I am not a good girl. But after some days we both came into a relationship in Jan 2013. He was also my junior. I thought that this person will never leave me as he knows very well that how does it feel when a person leaves you because he has also gone through the same kind of experience previously. He asked me for kissing and all other things. I agreed as once again I did not want lose a person. We also did everything except physical relation. He promised me that he will never leave me. But after somedays he started ignoring me. Scolding me for each and everything. He never called me. Whenever I called to him, then only he spoke to me otherwise not. He was using very harsh word to me which was untolerable for me. Suddenly one day he told me that due to his family problem we cannot be together. So we should break up. Now we are in this kind of situation. I am feeling like dying and crying so much. But i don’t know about him whether he is happy or not. I am a very sensitive and emotional kind of person. I am hitting myself everyday. I want to get rid of all these things but I could not. I begged near him to save our relation. But he is not listening anything. Please suggest me what to do.

Unfortunately you were in relationship with wrong persons. It looks that both of them were interested in physical relationship rather than emotional one. You are emotion driven person, stay away from such physical flings. Find out good match and get married. Stop praying them to continue otherwise you will get physically exploited.