Respected sir, I am 26yrs old male. I am student pursuing MCA from IGNOU. In 2002 I had gone to a doctor (age 54 yrs) for medical consultation nearby from my home. That time he was not in his home and I met with his wife (age 35 yrs). In first meeting we both attracted to each other. After few days I built good relationship with doctor and started to visit his home daily. And I built sexual relationship with his wife. This is the second wife of that doctor. His previous wife has two sons. This wife is the sister of his previous wife. This wife has no children and not sexually satisfied with her husband (doctor). From 6yrs I am performing sexual intercourse with her. This is affecting my study. I deeply love her. I’ve proposed her to give up her husband but she refused. She tell that she love me very much. Doctor will soon set up his clinic in kolkota 300 km from my home and he will give up this place. I don’t want to miss her. What should I do now? How can I forget her completely?

She established relationship for her needs (sexual dissatisfaction from relatively old husband). You entered for a fun. In the process you developed an emotional attachment. She doesn’t seem to be that emotional for you but at the same time doesn’t want to loose you. Now ride is about to get over as they are shifting. Accept this bitter fact. Forgetting is an automatic process. Once you stop meeting her and develop other meaningful relationship, you will forget her.