Respected Sir, I am 24 yrs old girl. I was in love with one guy. We were both from same cast. We were in love for 3 yrs and after that with both parents’s permission we got engaged. I am B Com and He is B.E. My left eye is having some problem (it is not straight). This is natural physical problem since my birth. We were in love for 3 yrs but we met face to face only once during this 3 yrs. we met through internet chatting and after that we were talking over phone. He was not aware of my physical defect. Before engagement his family member alerted him about my left eye’s defect but he told them that he loves me and he doesn’t mind with my defect. But after that I don’t know why I was not ready to accept our relation. I was feeling that he was having some problem with my defect. Though he told so many times to me that he doesn’t mind my defect. Gradually I lose my interest in our relation and I decided to break our relation and I did it. This happened 8 months ago. Now I realize my mistake and I can’t live without him. Now I again want to be with him but He is not ready to accept me because at the time of breaking relation I used bad words for him though He was absolutely innocent. Now tell me what should I? How can I please him again as before?

It is very hurting for some one who accepts your physical defects and you use bad words for him. What made you think that he has some problem with your defect when he was denying that! Another mistake you did is, on realizing your first mistake you should have apologized without showing your interest to reunite. It sounds very selfish. Do not try to bring him back to old relation. Just be in touch and try to make him feel that you have really felt sorry from bottom of your heart. Not only words, your attitude should also reflect the same. This may revive your old closeness and then you can think of bringing back to old relation. Males never keep score for a long time so if you will be sincere in your efforts, your chances of success are high.