Respected doctor, I am 21yrs old. I am an architecture student and I am suffering from GAD. I have been on venlor xr (75mg)[2 times a day ],and etizola0.5 [1 time a day ],,sine past 5-6month. My medicines shows effect to treat anxiety, but the effect soon vanishes after one day and again I have to take medicines. My question is that for how long should I continue to take medicines [as I don’t like to have pill everyday especially in such young age] doctor says that my stress of work is the reason and I should continue medicines to get well 3. I have heard that etizola is banned for sale in US and Canada. DOES IT IS SAFE TO HAVE ETIZOLA (0.5mg) daily, which I have been taking for past 6 month, will it affect my body?

Only medicines are never going to cure you from Anxiety. You should do relaxation exercises regularly (ask your therapist to teach you). Nobody likes to take medicines but one has to take until he gets cured. These medicines are safe, provided you take under medical supervision.