Ours is a love marriage. We are married for 10 years. I am a Tamil and he is a Punjabi. I did not know Hindi or Punjabi before marriage. I learnt Hindi and I am fluent. I did not learn Punjabi. In my mind, I am ok with neither of us learning the other’s mother tongue. However, we have a lot of Tamil friends and family. They always ask him why he has not learnt Tamil when I learnt Hindi for him. I tell them I did not learn Punjabi though. He however gets very offended. He fights with me that I am not supporting enough. He does not want to go any Tamil parties. I am ok with it too. He has been sulking now for two days and has not spoken to me. Am I doing something wrong here? How should I handle this situation?

I do not think you are doing anything wrong here. Try to convince your husband that, why he has not learned Tamil do others and not you ask a question. When you are comfortable with situation why he should feel offended. Moreover, to your friends, you may tell them it is well-understood issue between two of you and there is absolute comfort on that. Love is beyond the limitations of language.  Another interesting fact I want to share with you is, females learns language faster then males at any stage of life.