My wife being single child is extremely dominating & highly possessive & introvert in nature. She is 38 yrs old. She hates to mix with people except for chosen few. She lost her father 6 yrs ago & thinks she is orphan as emotional needs are not being taken care of by me properly. Her mother is solely dependent on me for which at times unconsciously I used pinching words which made mom in law cry in despair & in disgust. It made her angrier on me which erupts at many occasions. Presently she is on the brink of mental breakdown & threatened me to divorce her or wait for her suicide. Even though she hates her mom being extremely selfish , she hate me most as she feels all her freedom is clipped & she is reduced to a piece of furniture. slightly better than maid servant. What should I do . Pl help.

Your problem is related to her personality. You need to understand her personality well and tackle her accordingly. She seems to be stubborn, short tempered, attention seeking and demanding. Such personalities are prone to depression and impulsive acts. They are like ‘handle with care’ type and you have to deal with them tenderly but firmly. You may seek Psychiatrist’s help to understand her, in person or through online counselling.