My husband was doing arts subject in second year. His father was a minister at that time. He sent my husband to Dominican republic on donation for MBBS study. At that time our engagement was done I was in 2nd MBBS at B.J Ahmedabad. He went for studying but being an arts student he was not able to cope up and came back to India after 6 year trial and 20 lakhs expense. I have done M.S. in ophthalmology. Now I have a private practice but he has no business. I think he is not trying for it. He has conflict with his father because of habit of spending more money. He also tried a suicide attempt once. His nature is very angry. So please guide me.

As his father was a minister, his personality must have emerged with typical traits (in background of neglect, dominance and power).His current problem must have deep roots linked to his personality, upbringing and failures. This requires good analysis and counselling. Try to seek professional help.