My husband struggled a lot in his childhood days. Lost his parents at a young age and became the sole earning member at a tender age. With his hard work and vision, he achieved a professional position that hardly anyone imagines. He is a high rank government officer today. I am totally opposite of what he is I am effervescent, spontaneous and extrovert and he is an introvert. We both love each other and he is quite caring. He is very honest, principled and truthful person. My problem is his negativity. He usually finds fault in everything, particularly things related with me. If I complaint to him about something, he consoles me by justifying others’ behavior. When asked, he says since he considers me as an integral part of his life, he can expect some sacrifices or rather some adjustments only from me and no one else. I am okay with his justification but my problem is why do I have to suffer if he loves only me? His loves gives me criticism, lectures and gyan. Other problem is that he usually holds himself responsible for everything that goes wrong in his family members’ lives. How do I cope up with his temperament where he seems to love only his family members and hates everyone else? Also, he dislikes people who challenge him on anything and tries to prove them wrong and he does it easily coz he is quite well read and usually beats people. Ours is an arranged marriage, I liked him for his simplicity and principles. But I didn’t know that it would take me my lifetime to please him. Being his wife is no more a matter of pride, instead it costs me my happiness as I have to be the prey of his anger that he gets when he sees selfish, culprit people around. I respect him a lot and I am sure he loves me and my 6 months old daughter a lot but how do I make myself submissive to his every move and statement? Moreover, there is another woman officer he seems to admire a lot as she was a primary teacher and worked hard to become a high rank officer! His admiration for her also kills me. Though I know there is nothing between them but he once planned to buy a land in partnership with her and her family. These things upset me immensely and I feel like running away from everyone. Please suggest.

There is nothing wrong with you and how you are tackling the situation. The negativity that he has seems to be integral part of his personality. You may try talking to him in person and make him understand how much it is hampering you. Other than that if you are able to convince him you should take him to a consultant for him to open up and discuss his views freely.