My husband is a mama’s boy. Though he is caring by nature he is blindly supportive of his parents. They are 13 siblings and he is youngest of 6 brothers. His mother exploits him for every need of hers and her daughters. I hate this as his parents have their own business and good income. All his brothers are against him as his mother is brainwashing him against them. I am feeling anxious and I have a constant headache most of the time. He is addicted to porn and online chatting. He wants to flirt with my female friends causing me great stress. He is 47 I am 37 and mother of 2. I am married for 15 years. Sometimes I feel like running away but I am helpless.

At 47 you cannot change him or break his attachment to his mother. Accept the reality and learn to live for yourself. Have your own goal and purpose in the life. His habits cannot be addressed without creating conflicts. If you are prepared for that then expose him to family members.