My elder sister had a love marriage and had a divorce. My parents got much freaked out and upset and have now completely devoted themselves onto astrology. They are obsessed with astrology. I live in a hostel. Whenever I go home, I feel as if the atmosphere at home is just so repulsive that I would rather run away from home than stay at home. Moreover I am committed to a person who is my colleague. My parents have got my horoscope seen by someone astrologer who tells them that if I have a relationship right now, my life will get destroyed. Now the trouble is that I have been with this person for 1.5 years and he has brought a lot of happiness for me. Moreover I’m not scared of anything right now. But there are times when I feel so guilty cuz I think that I should leave the guy at once since my parents expect something from me. Truthfully speaking, I feel that things will become better. So I’m keeping the affair clandestine for the moment. Am I a bad person or a bad daughter? I am been suffering from depression since high school and was very shy socially. I am better now. I don’t want to go back and get into depression again.

Astrology is a matter of faith; you cannot shake the beliefs of those who have faith in it. If you do not have faith in that, then ignore it and go ahead. By choosing a life partner of your choice, you will not become a bad person or bad daughter. Remove the guilt and talk to your parents about your relationship, you may wait for proper time. You have to show your firmness and commitment towards your relationship so that they are indirectly compelled to think about that.

If you do not want to have Depression in future then try to resolve your existing guilt, overcome the tendency of holding yourself responsible for everything (which promotes guilt and thereby depression) and stop evaluating everything in spectrum of right and wrong.