My boyfriend isn’t grown up in some ways. Example-we moved out to las vegas and had a lot of pressures and he split back for home leaving me there with all the responsibilies but still wanting a long distance relationship. I said no and after I finished my semester of college I headed back for home too, and we got back together. I am ready for marriage in the next two years and he still wants to live with his parents. I think he finally got his head together about a career though; the military. I am moving to St. cloud to go to school and hes coming up in two months because of court issues, I am affraid of things happening how they did in vegas all over again. Should I wait for my boyfriend to grow up or should I just move on even though I love him?

It’s true that male gets maturity late as compared to female but in your case it is irresponsibility then immaturity. Leaving you stranded with responsibilities is not done. It sounds very selfish. For healthy relationship your love for him is not the only thing which is required, it is much more then that. I hope you get my point in right perspective. What you should look for is caring attitude, understanding and emotional security. If he can give you that then it’s worth waiting otherwise move on because only your love for him is not going to create long lasting satisfying relationship.