My age is 39 and I am married. I am suffering from sex problems for a long time now. The details are given below : Sperm (Very few), Hand Practice (from the age of 16 years and it is continued after marriage also) Small Penis (Approximately. 5 Inches- it is not enough for complete sex), Bent left side in Penis, Penis is fat from front side and thin from backside, Early discharge (Only in 20 Seconds), No hardness in penis every time (Very Loose), when I’m ready for sex my penis is ready to hard and then I put a condom for sex before starting the intercourse the penis has lost the erection and I can’t have sex. Some liquid leaks from my penis at the time of talking about sex, reading sexy books and seeing a blue film, weakness after intercourse. I am very shameful in front of my life partner from a long time and my life is leading to a divorce track. So you are requested to help me and give a the best and effective formula of medicine and oil for these all problems. I will be very thankful to you in life. Thanks- A patient

sperm count can be estimated by semen’s microscopic examination and not by naked eyes. If you have doubt about it then go for semen examination in pathology laboratory. Size and bend is normal. Your undue concern about all this can be underlying cause of your erectile dysfunction. For solution of your early discharge please type premature ejaculation in search box of this site and click on go.