It’s now over 3 yrs for our marriage. Our child was born in the first year of our marriage. Ever since his birth my husband has stopped sharing any physical relationship with me. (More than 2 yrs) He hates my family a lot, especially my mother. He says that when ever he tries to approach me, he sees my mother in me & this is what drifts him away from me. Initially his reason was different, he used to tell me, that his mother keeps on complaining about me & this upsets him also, as he loves his parents more than anything else. He used to say that I’m not able to keep his parents happy. He tells me that he is trying extremely hard but cannot force himself to make love. I’m highly depressed by his behavior, Sir pl. give me a solution. I cry bitterly every night. I cannot stand this strained behavior of his. Pl. help me sir.

Reasons for his disinterest can be many. Most of the males are not sensitive enough to mix their dislikes with sexual life like females. Surely, his reasons might be beyond his dislike for your mother. Only way to make him think about it is to stop craving for it. You need to show him that you are also comfortable without it. At the same time, do everything to look & smell good and to attract him subtly. Avoid hot emotional arguments. Stay in positive mood all the time. Do not nag him for anything.  Do not go out of the way to please him. Make sure that he does not have a fling somewhere (need not to be suspicious but just to be vigilant as a part of solution). Patience is the key.