Incidentally found out that my father is having an affair with a woman. This happened when I was trying to read a message from his phone when I accidentally opened the message. My parents have been married for 28 years now. I am absolutely clueless about what I should do as all through my life I never expected to come across something like this because my father is such an honest man. He is well known in almost the whole city as one of the most honest man ever. I am torn between whether I should not intervene as he is a man of sound judgment and maybe he has his reasons for it. On the other hand I feel my mother does not deserve this. Please tell me what to do. I am the only one who knows this. I have an elder sister but she herself is going through a lot due to work pressure so I do not wish to heighten her worries.

I understand your feelings. Ideally you should not interfere and keep this secret with you only. But if you think that your father is a man of sound judgment then you may definitely talk to him regarding your feelings about his affair, probably you may know about his side and that may help you to deal with your shock.